14 Men On The First Question They Ask Themselves When Deciding Whether To Pursue A Woman


1. “What does she want, longterm?

–Lance, 27

2. “Am I just sexually attracted to her or am I actually interested in her?

–Caleb, 24

3. “How do I think I’m gonna feel about her in three months from now?”

–Raymond, 28

4. “What does she do for a living?”

–Hugh, 28

5. “How does she get along with other women?”

–Jimmie, 26

6. “How does she feel about me?”

–Garrett, 24

7. “What does it seem like she’s looking for?”

–Shaun, 25

8. “Are other dudes interested in her? I’m aware that this is a shitty thing to think but it does make me want her more.”

–Harry, 24

9. “Am I gonna hate it if nothing happens between us and then she starts dating someone else? That’s usually what lights the fire under my ass.”

–Grady, 26

10. “Would my sisters like her?”

–Clay, 22

11. “How am I gonna feel about her after (if) we sleep together?”

–Warren, 25

12. “How serious of a relationship is she looking for and does it match up with what I’m looking for? Aka not super serious.”

–Brad, 23

13. “Have I dated any of her friends or friends-of-friends? If not, in the clear.”

–Neal, 24

14. “Will I wonder about her if we don’t try this out?”

–Kevin, 26 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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