30 Beautiful, Everyday Things That We Forget To Be Thankful For

30 Beautiful, Everyday Things That We Forget To Be Thankful For

1. Simply having another day where you can open your eyes and get out of bed.

2. When the forecast says there’s a 100% chance of rain. And then the forecast is wrong.

3. Waking up and remembering after a few seconds that it’s Saturday.

4. And then going back to bed.

5. A friend who unknowingly reaches out to you at the exact moment that you needed it.

6. Being able to look back on struggles you went through in the past and finally understanding why they were crucial experiences for you.

7. The amount of pleasure you can feel from something as small as a hot cup of coffee.

8. When something is unexpectedly funny and you have that laugh that basically bubbles out of your chest.

9. A real life sunrise or a sunset that’s more beautiful than anything you’ll see on Instagram.

10. Waking up the first time your alarm goes off and feeling instantly awake.

11. When you’re running late and every light is green.

12. When you’re running late and you still get to work before your boss.

13. Cleaning out a ton of your belongings and understanding that it actually makes you feel better to have less.

14. Experiencing something that would have upset you five years ago but realizing that it isn’t really having much of an effect on you right now.

15. Treating yourself to your favorite takeout and not feeling guilty about it.

16. Speedy Wi-Fi.

17. Meeting someone and knowing immediately in your gut that you’re going to be friends.

18. Music that makes you feel something, whatever that something may be.

19. Discovering an old, favorite photo that you had forgotten about.

20. Hot showers.

21. Gas in your car or money on your public transportation pass.

22. Being able to even have the capacity to get annoyed at the little things, since you don’t have to worry about most big things.

23. Watching a show on Netflix and having nowhere you have to be.

24. Clear skies, particularly on a special day.

25. Laughing without meaning to, just from watching someone else laugh hysterically.

26. Rediscovering a song you used to love, that you haven’t heard in years.

27. Clean sheets.

28. Reading something that someone else wrote, and realizing you’ve had that same thought before, and feeling less alone because of it.

29. An unexpected warm(er) day in the middle of winter.

30. Looking someone in the eyes and truly feeling like you’re being seen. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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