18 Tiny, Unromantic Ways Your Partner Tells You They Love You (That You Might Not Be Noticing)

Gabi E. Mulder
Gabi E. Mulder

1. When they do the unappealing chores (taking out the trash, doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom) so that you can have a break.

2. When they hold off on watching the next episode of Game of Thrones (or whatever your favorite joint show is) no matter how much it pains them, because they know it’s your thing to do together.

3. When they sort out your Cloud storage or fix your printer or help you do your taxes or any other tedious task you can think of, because they know it will help alleviate a little bit of your stress.

4. When they scrape the snow off your car in the dead of winter so that your morning is just a little easier.

5. When they smile anytime you do something stupid or silly, and you feel zero sense of embarrassment because you know this is why they like you in the first place.

6. When they let you tell a story that they’ve already heard four times, just because they know it brings you joy and delight to bring it up.  

7. When they finally break the pooping barrier around you because they are comfortable enough with you to joke about bodily functions.

8. When they call you a ‘nerd’ or a ‘dork’ or any other light insult, but with a subtle amount of affection in their voice.

9. When they go see a movie with you or go to any other event they really don’t care for, just so you can have some company.

10. When they laugh at your lame jokes, no matter how bad they are.

11. When they learn to just get over your weird sleeping habits, like dealing with the fact that you need seven pillows or that you hog the covers or that you continuously talk in your sleep.

12. When they automatically start doing certain things without you even asking – like handing you their red skittles, or letting you have the aisle seat on an airplane, or grabbing your favorite soda any time they run to the pharmacy.

13. When they don’t like a certain restaurant but they eat there anyway, just because they know you love it.

14. When they crawl out of bed as quietly as possible to make sure they don’t wake you up, especially after you’ve had a long week.

15. When they go grocery shopping and get excited to show you that they bought some of your favorite things as a surprise.

16. When they add some of your favorite songs to their playlists, especially during a long road trip.

17. When they automatically hand you their cocktail or their plate at a new restaurant, because they know with absolute certainty that you’ll want a sip or a bite.

18. When they let you have the last piece of pizza (the ultimate sign of a true keeper). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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