We Dug Through 21 Ancient Donald Trump Tweets, And It Turns Out He’s Always Been Insane

Everything about this is the worst.
Donald Trump Instagram
Donald Trump Instagram

1. Remember when Trump got in on the Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson drama? Now you do.

 2. And he just keeps going. 

 3. Literally there are like 6 of these, lol. 

4. Hey Donald, what’s your wig made out of? YOUR MOM’S CHEST HAIR.

 5. What…. even is this tweet?

 6. Musings of the Donald.

 7. Go home, Trump. You’re drunk.

 8. Anything ‘environmentally friendly’ is DANGEROUS.

 9. No.

 10. Goodbye. 

 11. Sure, people who try to save others are nice, but they must be punished. 

 12. Donald Trump, future Hallmark greeting card writer. 

 13. He even ruins his own attempts to be respectful. 

 14. Ugh. 

 15. This guy sure knows how to negotiate. 

 16. Nope. 

 17. This is how science works, kids.

 18. NO.

 19. Stop. 

 20. One more on Robert and Kristen, for good luck. 

 21. ‘Tiny Children Are Not Horses’ NEW BAND NAME I CALL IT.

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