Exactly What To Get These 11 Types Of Moms That Rock


Your mom has spent her whole life putting you first and doing everything in her power just to make you smile. And with Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time for you to return the favor. We’ve come up with a series of gift ideas for all sorts of moms out there – from the whiskey-drinking boss, to the health nut, to the mom who loves to text you as many emojis as possible in a five-minute period. Here are 11 perfect gifts you can find on eBay for that special woman who’s given you everything, including life.

Product 1 - Paper Quilling Image

1. DIY Mom

For the mom who always finds delight and relaxation when she’s being creative, these paper-quilling tools are the perfect (and affordable) gift to show her not just that you care, but that you take an interest in the things that bring her joy.

Product 2 - Cleaning Glue Gel Image

2. Squeaky Clean Mom

For the mom who finds a way to clean the things that you would never even think of, this keyboard cleaner is an easy – and strangely awesome – way to pick up the dust and dirt that’s constantly congregating on her computer. Give her the opportunity to maintain a spotless workspace with the magical glue gel that keeps your hands clean, catches dirt, and kills germs.

Product 3 - Hanging Glass Flowers Image

3. Earthy Mom

Available in multiple shapes including heart, rhombus, and teardrop, these eye-catching hanging vases will give your mom the opportunity to bring her favorite outside plants into her bedroom, living room, or office.

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