19 Reasons Your College Bestie Is Basically The Only One Who Understands You

Ann Haritonenko
Ann Haritonenko

1. You frequently communicate by sending ugly Snapchat selfies back and forth to one another, no words necessary.

2. You can wake up and text her words like “help” or “death” and she automatically understands that you are in the middle of a brutal hangover.

3. Not only does she know all of your favorite fast food restaurants, but she knows your go-to order at each one. As do you, for her.

4. Because whether you’re lucky enough to live in the same city or are forced to just resort to FaceTime every few days, when it comes to “catching up,” you know that you can cut the crap, skip the small talk, and get down to what’s actually going on in each other’s lives.

5. She, more than anyone else, can make fun of you for when you listed “Babysitter” on your resume freshman year.

6. She remembers when your Halloweens were all about trying to find the sexiest, most scandalous Halloween costumes possible. And now she’s the one who plots with you to create the funniest, weirdest, least sexual costumes possible.

7. She loved you through your “When I lived in Europe” phase.

8. She’s seen you in your finest moments – when you were practically too hungover to make it to your first day of class senior year, when you started writing your midterm paper at midnight the night before it was due, that time you drunkenly cried after you realized it was too late to order a pizza. So she really, really means it when she says “I’m proud of you” for all the adult-y things you do now.

9. She was probably your first friend to ever see your parents drunk.

10. She was right by your side while you were drinking Natty Light and Popov vodka in a disgusting frat house basement. And now, when you’re sitting at happy hour drinking good wine or whiskey, she knows exactly how far the two of you have come (read: not that much has changed, the alcohol just tastes better.)

11. When you start dating someone new, you’re just as concerned about her opinion as you are about your family’s.

12. If you live in different cities, you are each other’s first priorities when it comes to making plans for long weekends like Memorial Day or Labor Day.

13. She is most likely the first person you ever experienced a Netflix bingewatching session with.

13. It is not uncommon for you to randomly text each other in the middle of a work day with “Remember when?” stories of your proudest – and most shameful – college memories.

14. You spent plenty of nights in your early college career sharing a small, single bed, because one of you was too drunk/lazy/cold to walk back to your dorm on the other side of campus.

15. When you complain that you suck at life and are terrible at being a grown up, she reminds you that you used to eat cereal or Easy Mac for dinner, and that you’ve grown more than you realize.

16. Your Facebook Timehop photos are always the most entertaining when she’s in them – which is almost always.

17. Your social worlds have morphed together, to the point where your siblings are practically her siblings, and her high school friends are now some of your friends, and you can barely remember who introduced who when it comes to the majority of your mutual friends.

18. You look forward to her birthday more than your own, because that’s usually when your most embarrassing photos of her accidentally resurface.

19. You know that at the end of the day, wherever she is, you’re always looking out for each other. After all, you’ve been through thick (read: Freshman 15) and thin together. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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