Watch This ‘Daily Show’ Correspondent Have A Depressingly Hilarious Conversation With Real Trump Supporters

The Daily Show
The Daily Show

Initially, Trump supporters seem like mythical creatures – they can’t possibly be real, can they? They can’t possibly be sane, normal people, right? Then one presents itself on your Facebook newsfeed and you’re overwhelmed with the absurd, racist, and generally awful things they say.

The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper brought that experience to life, when he went to Vegas for the most recent Republican debate and held a ‘focus group’ with seven real Trump supporters, some of whom didn’t even seem to know why they were doing what they were doing.

MVP moment: A very confused woman in the front row who said, “Look at the people that are coming across the border illegally – a vast majority of them that are caught by the border guards [are] smuggling drugs and raping women.” To which Klepper responded, “I think the vast majority of your statistics are bullshit.” TC mark


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