30 Holiday E-Cards That Explain Why Christmas Is Kind Of The Worst

Merry Christmas from your drunk relatives and Someecards.

1. Merry Christmas, Prozac. 

2. That one coworker. 

3. We’re screwed. 

4. Hello, annual ten pounds. 

5. Oh, we were supposed to buy presents? 

6. God Bless December birthdays. 

7. More to love. 

8. The real meaning of family. 

9. Oh, it’s not just me? 

10. There are some things Santa just can’t deliver on. 

11. It’s just safer not to ask. 

12. Just a lovely reminder. 

13. What you wish you could say to Grandma. 

14. No such thing as an environmentally-friendly Christmas. 

15. Santa Con in one sentence. 

16. “Oh, I have your gift too! But I forgot it at home!” 

17. New Year’s Resolution: no more obligatory socializing. 

18. Now all that’s left is… everyone else’s. 

19. Add it to the list. 

20. Every one of us in real life. 

21. Not bitter at all. 

22. Water for dinner. 

23. We all would. 

24. Every person you know tho. 

25. Because that would be awkward. 

26. Silver lining. 

27. Being considerate. 

28. “I’m not someone who needs a lot to be happy.” 

29. We’ll see how long this lasts…

30. What Christmas is all about.

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