25 Christmas-Themed E-Cards That Hilariously Sum Up The Holiday Season

Spreading the joy and love of the holiday season through the brutally honest translator that is Someecards.

1. Socializing is hard. 

2. Happy whatever, I don’t care.

3. Soon.

4. The plight of Christmas babies. 

5. Almost. 

6. Sometimes we can’t help ourselves. 

7. The most wonderful night of the year.  

8. Too good to be true. 

9. We’ll take what we can get?

10. Preach girl. 

11. Come on, Jesus. 

12. Relationship goals. 

13. We’re all doing it. 

14. What Christmas is all about. 

15. When you have priorities. 

16. Always watching. 

17. There it is. 

18. So selfless of you. 

19. Happy nothing. 

20. Love, hugs, ROI, quarterly results, etc.

21. It’s just easier to be honest. 

22. Bless non-parenthood. 

23. “I have a lot of black friends.”

24. I’m a low-maintenance gal. 

25. Deck the halls with boughs of Prozac. 

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