18 Things Only Comedy Nerds Understand


1. Your life is so inundated with comedy that you barely ever outwardly laugh at stuff. When something’s really funny, you just nod your head in appreciation and say “That’s funny.”

2. When someone brings up a funny tv show, you always get overly excited and way too specific. Like if someone says, “I like 30 Rock,” you can’t contain yourself from saying, “Me too! How hilarious is episode 19 of season 3 when Liz is wearing a Snuggie and singing to the cheese that she’s eating and then Jack comes in her apartment and makes fun of her for singing ‘Night Cheese’?”

3. There are even episodes of multiple tv shows where you can recite practically every line.

4. If you actually perform comedy in some form, there’s always that one guy at the party who says, “Oh, you’re a comedian? TELL US A JOKE.”

5. You’re always surprised at what non-comedy nerds think is funny. Nothing is more amusing to you than watching a (recent) Adam Sandler movie with your friend and watching them laugh hysterically.

6. Everyone’s a binger when it comes to Netflix, but sometimes you take it to the extreme. You finished Master of None in one evening.

7. For you, watching a comedy or a standup special is less about wanting to laugh and more about wanting to understand the deconstruction of every single joke, beat, tagline, etc. You just can’t help yourself.

8. …to the point where your friends hate watching anything with you because you want to analyze every single joke and excitedly talk about it.

9. You cried more during Michael’s final episode of The Office than you did at any Oscar-winning drama, ever.

10. You love when your friends try to share belated comedy news with you. “Hey, did you hear Tina Fey and Amy Poehler have a movie coming out in December??” Yes, you found out 12 months ago. Because you have spidey senses… but for funny shit.

11. Nothing excites you more than when your favorite comedians do guest spots on each other’s shows or podcasts. You pretty much giggle like a young child.

12. You watch the same YouTube clips of standup bits or opening monologues for award shows over, and over, and over.
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13. The SNL 40th Anniversary Special was your Super Bowl. And then you spent hours discussing it afterwards with your other nerd friends and whether or not you thought it was good.

14. You spend the first couple minutes of every tv show waiting to see who wrote it.

15. When someone tries to tell a joke from a standup special and they fuck up the delivery, your whole body practically explodes.

16. You know the most random facts about comedians because a decent amount of your time is spent perusing Wikipedia’s black hole of celebrity bios and how your favorite performers/writers got to where they are now.

17. You’ve accepted that there will never be a universal agreement on who the current best late-night host is, and that bringing it up will only lead to an hours-long argument that never has a solid conclusion.

18. …but the one thing you can say is that we need a WOMAN up in there. Talkin’ to you, Schumer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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