19 Date Night Combinations Besides ‘Netflix And Chill’ That You And Your Partner Should Try

Because Netflix is not the only outlet through which you can waste years of your life.
Friends With Benefits
Friends With Benefits

1. HBO GO and call your dad to beg him for his password.

2. Hulu and bitch about the 120-second-long commercials.

3. Hulu Plus and continue to bitch about how there are still commercials even though you’re paying money.

4. Cable TV in real time and cry about how no one should have to go through this.

5. DVR and fast-forward through commercials of the Nasonex bee.

6. Amazon Prime and get too overwhelmed and go back to Netflix.

7. ABC.go.com and throw something at the wall when it asks you to verify your TV provider.

8. Old Disney Channel Original Movies on YouTube and wonder what happened to Ryan Merriman of Smart House fame.

9. Lifetime and watch ‘The Pregnancy Pact About My Stepbrother Who Is Actually My Husband But Oh No He’s Also A Cyberbully.’

10. Bachelor and feel morally superior to the contestants.

11. Republican Debate and scream.

12. E! Network and pray for Kylie.

13. Roku and wonder why that was never the name of a Pokemon.

14. Instagram and forget that you’re hanging out with each other.

15. On-Demand Movie and spend so much time arguing over what to buy that you never actually watch anything.

16. DVD Player and get weirded out by the fact that using DVD’s feels unexpectedly obsolete.

17. Old VHS player in your parents’ basement and watch home movies that your partner is secretly bored by.

18. ABC Family and watch the Harry Potter marathon because that’s the only thing ABC Family does.

19. Blockbuster and nothing because Blockbuster is dead. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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