19 Times J.K. Rowling Hilariously Destroyed Every Twitter Troll In Existence


1. The calm brilliance that was this tweet.

2. This.

3. When she schooled sweet, young Craig. 

4. “Hogwarts is in Scotland.” *drops mic*

5. When she explained agony. 

6. When she reminded us, once again, how wonderfully sarcastic she can be. 

7. When she politely told this guy to STFU.

8. When she thanked this person for their groundbreaking advice on the Syrian refugees. 

9. Her response to this person’s eloquent insults. 

10. And when she gave in to the undeniable power of the trolls.

11. This piece of advice.

12. This tweet, which is actually the most perfect thing I’ve ever read.

13. When she put this person in his place. 

14. This tweet where she didn’t own anybody but it’s too great not to include in this list.

15. When she told this girl to keep fighting.

16. When she teased Matthew Lewis and Tom Felton.

17. When she suggested that Ryan choose a different career path. Get ready, urine for a good joke… no?

18. When she had the perfect reaction to Matthew Lewis’s glorious photo shoot. 

19. And THIS, because we have to end on a high note.

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