19 Times Aziz Ansari’s Twitter Was More Entertaining Than Anyone Else’s Ever

Parks and Recreation
Parks and Recreation

1. His ‘Jurassic World’ experiment.

2. The fantastic idea he had for hotel services.

3. When he posted this and the Parks fangirl within you had a heart attack. 

4. When he used cheesecake to prove a point. 

5. And then beat all the trolls to the punch. 

6. The fact that he does things like this and posts it on Twitter so someone can find it. 

7. And then someone actually finds it. 

8. When he shares the more interesting conversations that he overhears.

9. When he shares really cool facts from ‘Modern Romance.’

10. His understanding of what it’s like to be single.

11. When he reminded you that the Parks people are all friends in real life. 

12. When he summed up life so accurately. 

13. The way that he wishes people a Happy Halloween. 

14. The fact that he loves his parents so much. 

15. When he posted this and it was everything.


17. When he knew how real HANGER can be. 

18. This sweet and hilarious bit about his dad. 

19. …That just keeps getting better.

Thanks, universe, for giving us Aziz Ansari. TC mark

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