21 Signs Fall Is Hands-Down Your Favorite Season


1. You’re never depressed about summer coming to an end. In fact, you look forward to it. Because all it means is that fall is on the horizon.

2. You’d choose the 13 Nights of Halloween over the 25 Days of Christmas any day.

3. …Especially because it makes so much more sense when ABC Family airs a Harry Potter marathon in October than when they have one in December. There’s one Christmas scene in every movie and it’s four minutes long.

4. Maybe you like Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Maybe you hate them on principle. But one thing’s for sure: you at least love when they come back around because it means FALL IS IN THE AIR.

5. Most people find it ridiculous when convenience stores and supermarkets start putting Halloween stuff out in July. But not you. For you, it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

6. …Because you’re the person who starts putting up Halloween decorations in the beginning of September.

7. You’re constantly craving pumpkins. Not necessarily to eat them – you just want them in your general vicinity.

8. In your mind, Hocus Pocus is a work of art and nothing makes you feel more nostalgic than this cinematic masterpiece.

9. You also get a childlike excitement for Halloweentown, Beetlejuice, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Mom’s Got A Date With A Vampire, Under Wraps, etc. And let’s not forget Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge. Pure gold.

10. Fall beers are a blessing from a higher being. Sam Adams Octoberfest can brighten even the darkest of fall days.

11. You will buy the shit out of any candle that includes the words pumpkin, cider, pear, spice, crisp, or cranberry. And you’re well aware of what this says about you as a person, thanks.

12. You’ve seriously thought about buying candy corn in bulk before, so that you can have it year round. The only thing that’s kept you from doing it is knowing that it wouldn’t be as ~*special*~ if you had it all the time.

13. Even if you don’t normally like cider, this is the one time of year you will make an exception. You will drink anything that has the word cider in it. Even if it’s just a small sip to fuel your fall obsession.

14. The minute Halloween Oreos are back on the shelves is the minute you feel alive again.

15. You hate people who start putting up Christmas decorations on November 1st. Like, Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet. YOU NEED A CHANCE TO SOAK UP THE LAST DROPS OF AUTUMN GOODNESS.

16. In your opinion, ‘crisp fall air’ is the greatest scent that has ever existed. You honestly wish you could bottle it up and carry it around in your pocket.

17. Apple-picking is a thing and sometimes you’re overly enthusiastic about it and you don’t care.

18. Sometimes you’re pissed when there’s a heat wave in September. You just want to wear scarves and boots, damnit.

19. You get excited about really random things, like fog. Or stepping on crunchy leaves. Or houses that put up orange twinkle lights to celebrate the season.

20. Nothing beats those fall days where you don’t need air conditioning or heat, and you can just sit on your couch, under a blanket, with the windows open. MMM HONEY.

21. You enjoy the merriment and celebration that happens in early winter. And you love bright sunny days and warm summer nights just as much as the next person. But nothing makes you more happy, nostalgic, and content than the overall experience of fall. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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