18 Struggles Of Dating Someone Who Knows Exactly What They Want To Do With Their Life


1. They’re thinking about the future in terms of savings, bills, major life purchases, etc. You’re thinking about the future in terms of what you have to DVR this week.

2. They cannot understand why you have such a hard time deciding between Chipotle or pizza. For them, it’s a five-second decision. But for you, everything is a life or death situation.

3. You always feel bad when you have to spend your Saturdays applying to every single job in existence so that you can escape the one you have right now. But they never complain.

4. Usually, they’ll even come to Starbucks with you and help get you back on track when you’re tempted to just give up for the day and resort to taking an online quiz called Which Early-2000s Bath & Body Works Scent Are You?

5. Whenever you finish a Netflix marathon together, they go back to getting work done, and you go back to reading self-help articles on the Internet.

6. …And hey, sometimes those articles help. And sometimes they’re just a nice 36-second-long distraction. Either way, you tell yourself it’s better than tackling a work email inbox with 306 unread messages.

7. Sometimes you still have stress dreams about what you should major in, even if you graduated college three years ago. And they’re always surprised when you tell them about it the next day.

8. You’ve had more than one instance where you’ve turned to them and said, “Let’s just quit our jobs and travel for a year! It will be amazing and adventurous and spontaneous!”

9. …And then they laugh and so do you, but you both know that you were only partially kidding.

10. You’ve taken every personality quiz that exists on the planet, often with their help, and you’re still no closer to figuring out what the hell you should be doing. Or, who the hell you are for that matter.

11. They supportively and tactfully listen to you when you tell them on a Tuesday night that you want to go back to school. And then on Wednesday when you tell them that maybe that’s financially irresponsible. And then on Thursday when you debate the merits of starting your own small business.

12. And they have to be especially supportive on Sunday when you’re like “I CAN’T GO BACK TO WORK TOMORROW DON’T MAKE ME.”

13. Whenever you have an existential life crisis, you tell them that you want to lay in bed all day in the darkness. And they refuse to let you. Instead they make you get up and go for a run, and you can’t understand why they’re such a monster.

14. You’re constantly torn between your happiness for them when they get a new job or a promotion, and your urge to scream in jealousy because how do they make it seem so simple?!?

15. You tend to save all of your life-planning and decision-making and worrying for three in the morning on a random Monday night, which unfortunately makes them hate you in the morning.

16. …Which you can understand, because you hate yourself too when you’re sitting at your data entry job running on 4 hours of sleep.

17. They’re all about having the five and ten year plan, whereas you can’t even commit to which day this week will be “laundry day.”

18. At some point you realize that they’ve become incredibly good at pep talks. Like, abnormally good. And then you scream because you realize YOU’RE THE REASON. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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