An Interviewer Called Amy Schumer’s ‘Trainwreck’ Character Skanky And She Refused To Let Him Get Away With It

Kiis 101.1
Kiis 101.1

“Do you have the word ‘skanky’ in America?” was this interviewer’s idea of a good question to ask comedian Amy Schumer while interviewing her about her recently released movie Trainwreck. (You can skip to 1:50 to see the worst of it.)

“We do have that word,” Amy replied, mimicking his patronizing tone.

Rather than smiling politely and playing nice though, Amy called this guy out on his poor interviewing skills and told him that his question was “rude.” Perhaps she was particularly insulted because she openly stated in the beginning of the interview that much of the film was autobiographical and that “there’s a lot of me in this movie.” But regardless of whether or not the character was based on her, it was a condescending and inappropriate comment to make.

He later tried to state that the idea of the film was that being with a guy eclipsed all else, to which Amy replied, “I think you’re wrong.” It’s a tense interview to watch, and (at least in my opinion) did go a bit too far when Amy talked about the interviewer’s deceased mother. But other than that, it’s refreshing to watch an interview in which a successful female is more concerned with having an intelligent and honest discussion than she is with smiling for the sake of the camera.

And how interesting that the title of the video on YouTube is “Amy Schumer unhappy in this interview,” as if the radio station was faulting her for the awkwardness of the entire thing.Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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