18 Ruby Rose Tweets That Prove She’s So Much More Than Just A Passing Obsession

Like many a basic, straight white female, I developed a completely clichéd and unoriginal crush on Ruby Rose after watching season 3 of Orange Is the New Black. But then, after I started following her on social media and reading various of her interviews, I realized she’s actually a person and not just someone I’d “go gay for.” So here are 18 of her tweets that are a great reminder of her humor, intelligence, vulnerability, and many other admirable qualities.
Orange Is the New Black
Orange Is the New Black

1. When she shut down a hater in one killer sentence. 

2. When she wasn’t afraid to be open with fans. 


3. When she was humble and thankful for the good things in her life. 

4. When she just… understood you.

5. When she showed that she’s just as funny as she is smart and beautiful.

6. When she wrote a loving and heartwarming post to her mom on Mother’s Day.

7. When someone tried to call her an Angelina-wannabe and she completely owned them. 

8. When she understood that chia pets are the worst.

9. When she said this and you definitely LOL’ed.

10. When she casually threw out this one-liner.

11. ….Possum

12. When she shared this sweet and endearing message after the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage.

13. When she pointed out that people need to stop obsessing so much over silly things.

14. This.

15. When she backed Caitlyn Jenner with this poignant tweet.

16. When she had this brilliant idea. 

17. When she said this and it was on point. 

18. When she reminded you that everybody has socially awkward days. 

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