15 Things That Happen When You’re The Class Clown And The Introverted Homebody At The Same Time


1. Some people say they need to be around other people in order to recharge their batteries. Others say that they need to be completely alone in order to get their sanity and energy back. But you – you need to strike a perfect balance between being surrounded by your friends and being completely alone, or else you’ll go nuts.

2. …Like, one or the other is never enough. If you spend your night out at a party making everybody laugh, all you want to do at the end of the night is retire to your cozy couch with some #blessed peace and quiet.

3. …But if you spend the night in, so that you can have some me time, you’re practically a different person by the next morning, and are usually texting your friends by 9 a.m. asking about “BRUNCH?!” and including a bunch of senseless emojis.

4. Your various Spotify playlists make it seem like your account is run by 17 different people at the same time. There’s a party playlist and a get-shit-done playlist and a pregame-before-the-party playlist, but there’s also a contemplative playlist and a calming playlist and a play-this-on-a-rainy day playlist.

5. You absolutely love being outside, socializing, exploring new parts of your city, etc. But there are also days when you have no desire to leave the house and you wish you could have EVERYTHING delivered: medications, groceries, exercise equipment, friends, etc.

6. You hate when your friends see you upset. Partially because you’re used to being the lighthearted and silly one, and partially because it makes you feel uncomfortable when they stare at you in shock, unable to believe that you could ever feel this down.

7. You won’t deny your Class Clown tendencies – you love telling jokes and making people laugh and standing in the spotlight. But when the attention is consciously and purposely focused on you, such as a surprise party or a birthday dinner, you actually sometimes get uncomfortable.

8. You really hate talking on the phone, but if you go more than a couple of days without talking to your best friends, you lose all sense of your own sanity.

9. You absolutely love weddings, both for the overwhelming amount of dancing, drinking, and socializing that occurs, as well as the quiet beauty throughout the event that you get to witness.

10. …But you need at least two days to recover – free from people and socializing and talking. And you usually receive a couple of texts the morning after the reception saying “How ya feeling??” or “Did you make it out alive??”

11. Everybody assumes that you absolutely live for overly-hyped holidays, like New Year’s Eve or the 4th of July. But secretly, you kind of hate these kinds of holidays. You’d rather just spend the evening at somebody’s house with a bunch of your friends, instead of trying to pretend you’re having fun in an overpriced, overcrowded bar.

12. On a particularly bad work day, sometimes the only thing getting you through it is the thought of going to happy hour with your friends that night. On other days, the thought of going to happy hour sounds like THE WORST and all you want to do is to go home and cuddle up with a pizza.

13. Whenever one of your friends is having a hard day and you try to cheer them up with some kind of heartfelt speech or pep talk, they often watch you hesitantly, as if they’re waiting for the punchline. And most of the time, you have to interrupt yourself 2-3 times to warn them that no, this isn’t a joke, and yes, you do actually love them and care about them.

14. You love Netflix any way you can get it: snuggled up with ten of your best friends on movie night, sharing popcorn and guzzling wine and pausing the movie every five seconds to make a joke, or spending an entire Saturday binge-watching a show by yourself and speaking to NO ONE, except Frank Underwood.

15. Sometimes when you tell people you’re “busy” it’s because you’re going to brunch and then a day party and then a pregame and then a house party and then some kind of birthday celebration. Other times when you tell people you’re “busy” it’s because you have some delicious leftovers and a full season of Orange Is the New Black to get through. Neither activity is more important or impressive than the other, because you are finally at the age where you just. don’t. care. You’re a class clown and an introverted homebody and a million other things all at the same time. #Bless Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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