75 Of The Best Little Things To Think About When You’re Having A Bad Day


1. A full glass of soda with a bunch of ice cubes.

2. An empty inbox.

3. Freshly washed sheets.

4. When you’re tired but you have plans with a friend but then they cancel.

5. A breeze that hits you at the exact same moment that you realize you’re hot.

6. McDonald’s fries. At least, for the first ten minutes.

7. A super cold glass of water after you were drinking the night before.

8. When your favorite song at the moment comes on at the bar.

9. Leaving work and having a long weekend ahead of you.

10. A PB&J sandwich that someone else made for you, because it tastes so much better that way.

11. When you need Advil or Tylenol and one of your friends has it on them.

12. Snapple facts.

13. Free tickets to a sporting event.

14. When it’s finally warm enough to sit out on a restaurant patio.

15. Anything that smells like pine trees around Christmas time.

16. When you’re looking at your phone somewhere in public and something makes you unexpectedly laugh out loud.

17. Handwritten notes.

18. A crisp fall day with the windows open, when you no longer need air conditioning and you don’t yet need heat.

19. When it starts raining and you’re actually prepared with an umbrella.

20. An unexpected smile from someone when you really need it.

21. Coming home and being greeted by an excited dog or cat.

22. Hot tea.

23. When you google something and the answer shows up right on the search page and you don’t even have to click further on.

24. The way hot pavement smells in the summer after it rains.

25. The way your hands feel after you’ve put on lotion.

26. Eating some Hershey Kisses. Not just one or two. Like, at least eight.

27. When you’re annoyed at one of your siblings but then they make you laugh even though you don’t want to.

28. Somebody having a phone charger on them when you need one.

29. Burritos.

30. A Vine that makes you LOL over and over and over.

31. Putting on your sunscreen before you get to the beach, so that you don’t get all sandy.

32. Any bath product with the scent “Warm Vanilla Sugar.”

33. When you’ve just shaved your legs.

34. …Or when someone you’re dating has just shaved theirs.

35. Sunglasses that fit you perfectly.

36. A freshly cut orange.

37. Getting lost in a good book and suddenly realizing hours have gone by.

38. When you go home to visit your parents and there’s a full fridge.

39. …Oh, and getting to see your parents.

40. Picking out what to wear the day after you just did laundry.

41. Fresh fruit.

42. Not having to set an alarm for the next day.

43. Any puppy. Anywhere. Anytime.

44. Super big t-shirts.

45. A baby laughing. Especially this one:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU4DgHHwVCc%5D

46. Sick days home from school when you were a kid.

47. Falling asleep in the car on a road trip.

48. The super warm blankets that are actually two blankets knotted together.

49. Shoes that have been perfectly worn in.

50. The smell of bacon when you wake up.

51. Homemade pancakes.

52. Putting on socks fresh out of the dryer.

53. Coming home from work and having no obligations that evening.

54. Good toilet paper.

55. Unintentionally choosing the fastest moving line at the grocery store.

56. When you first notice that trees have blossoms on them again in the springtime.

57. A cooler filled to the brim with cold drinks.

58. When you wake up naturally from the sunlight pouring in through your window.

59. Stopping to get candy at a gas station on a road trip.

60. Chapstick.

61. Finally getting to watch a movie you’ve wanted to see for forever.

62. When vending machines accidentally give you more than what you paid for.

63. Skyping with a loved one who lives in a different city.

64. Coffee table books.

65. Putting on sweatpants the minute you get home from work.

66. Sleeping in.

67. A bouquet of flowers that last for a surprisingly long time.

68. Thinking you lost your phone and then finding it.

69. Getting into bed after a long day and falling asleep almost instantly.

70. Finishing work early.

71. Smores.

72. Laughing so hard that you can’t breathe.

73. When your team wins.

74. “Pizza’s here!”

75. Turning the heat on at the end of fall and smelling it as it warms up your place. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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