21 Reasons Why Your Roommate Is Basically Your Best Friend, Mom, and Olivia Pope All Rolled Into One

Shutterstock / Ann Haritonenko
Shutterstock / Ann Haritonenko

1. She knows exactly what you need, when you need it. Whether you had a bad day and you need to ingest a bottle of wine, or you’re hungover and you need to eat french fries for breakfast, she always knows exactly what will make you feel better.

2. She is the first person you turn to when you need advice, and she always says the exact thing you needed to hear. She’s like a cute, young, female version of Dumbledore.

3. When you’re dealing with something stressful, like a bad haircut or a huge scandal that will cause the collapse of your impressive political career in Washington, D.C., being around her makes you feel ten times better. Because you know with her on your side, you can basically get through anything.

4. And when things are really, really bad, she gives you a look that basically says “It’s HANDLED.” And you 100% believe her.  

5. She’s one of the smartest people you know, and you always think about how lucky you are to have someone right down the hall who you can go to when you need an honest, helpful, genuine opinion from someone whom you know wants the best for you.

6. Nothing beats having someone you can drunkenly hang out with after a night of bar hopping – someone to discuss the night’s events with while you’re sitting on your couch together and tracking your pizza order by the second on the Domino’s website.

7. She’s so wise, like a miniature Buddha, all covered in hair. Except she’s a person and she shaves her legs.

8. Having a loyal, badass, wonderful person like her as your best friend is more important to you than having fifty or a hundred or a thousand mediocre friends.

9. Sure, when you take a super ugly double-chin Snapchat picture, you send it to a few of your closest compadres. But in the end, it’s really just for her.

10. You’ve referred to each other as “bae” more times than you probably should have.

11. Watching an entire season of a t.v. show on a Saturday without leaving the house somehow feels less embarrassing and awful if she’s your co-conspirator.

12. But at the same time, that bitch has her life together, and she’s always a good person to have nearby when you need to inspire yourself to #werk.

13. If either of you has a significant other, said significant other knows to never question either one of you when you need “roomie time.”

14. Living together has spoiled you guys to the point where if you go even a day without seeing each other, you feel like you have so much to talk about and catch up on when you’re finally “reunited.”

15. You’ll somehow find a reason to GChat one other at work, even if you just saw each other an hour ago.

16. It’s difficult for you guys to make a life decision without consulting each other. It could be a decision about whether or not you should leave your job, or an important decision like what to order at iHop. Either way, you’re helpless until you can discuss the pros and cons of chocolate chip pancakes versus original with each other.

17. She can easily switch into crisis mode if your life has temporarily fallen into shambles. It sometimes feels like the more freaked out or upset you get, the calmer she becomes. You two have developed a perfect balance, because you’re able to do the exact same thing for her when she needs it.

18. Her pizza es su pizza.

19. The more unnecessary your text messages are, the better. No, she does not need to know that you just bought Charmin toilet paper this time instead of the generic brand. But you tell her anyway, because this is a big change.

20. You guys know secrets about each other that you will take to the grave. No questions asked. No doubts in your minds. No amount of bribery that could ever make you spill the beans.

21. You’re not sure where you would be without her. All you know is that you would be a mess. Because she’s your Best Friendmomlivia Pope 4 Lyfe. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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