19 Struggles Of Being A Bookworm And A Super Social Person At The Same Time

Pride and Prejudice
Pride and Prejudice

1. Sometimes people assume that the only socializing you enjoy doing is attending conventions or participating in book clubs. And sometimes you do like to do that stuff. But you’re also capable of socializing with people in situations that are unrelated to literature.

2. Although, to be fair, sometimes you don’t like book clubs because it takes like a full month to get through one book and you’re not about that life.

3. You love going out with your friends and trying new restaurants and checking out cool events. But party regret hits you harder than it hits other people – those nights where you just know it’s not going to get interesting, you’re trying and failing to have fun, and you just want to go home and put on your sweatpants.

4. …Most people reluctantly stand there, drowning in their party regret and dreaming of pizza and slippers and the couch. But you’re dreaming of all of that AND the most amazing book ever, which makes it ten times harder for you to tough it out on the nights that are a bust.

5. People are always shocked if you can read a book in front of the television or while you’re surrounded by other people. When they ask how you do it, your eloquent response is something along the lines of, “I dunno, I just… like… to read?”

6. In fact, you love having company surround you when you read. Even if you’re not participating in the conversation or talking to anyone around you, you love being surrounded by your family or friends when you’re reading a great book.

7. You get overly attached to certain books and want to read them over and over and over. And then someone tries to step in and be helpful and recommend a new book and you’re like GTFO. 

8. “…Like yes, thank you for the help and for trying to be friendly. And I definitely want to read All the Light We Cannot See at some point. It’s just that I need to reread Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for the fourth time before I can make a commitment to something else and you’re stressing me out.”

9. Sometimes when people enter your room, they’re overwhelmed by the piles of books laying everywhere. You try to play it off as some kind of feng shui artistic thing but really it’s just that you’re lazy and you also like being surrounded by books at all times.

10. When everyone found out about the live-action Beauty and the Beast film, people kept talking about Emma Watson and how great she’ll be as Belle. You agreed, but you were more concerned with talking about how awesome the library scene is going to be and what it will look like in real life. #nerdboner

11. When many people think of outdoor activities, they think of jogging or pick-up basketball or hiking. You think of reading a book… outside.

12. You love having days off where you can catch up… with friends, with laundry, with your favorite shows, with happy hour. But mostly, so you can catch up on some reading.

13. The night that you tell yourself you need to get out of the house and blow off some steam is always the same night that you start a new book that’s amazing and irresistible and impossible to put down.

14. Lunch breaks are a constant emotional battle for you – you’re always torn between the idea of going to lunch with your coworkers and having a blast and laughing away the stress, or finding a secluded corner in the food court where you can sit all by yourself and ignore everyone around you and get lost in a novel and then suddenly look up and realize you were supposed to be back at your desk fifteen minutes ago.

15. Target: a fun place to shop with friends, pick up some inexpensive new clothes, maybe grab a swimsuit, and OH YEAH visit their surprisingly amazing book section and stay there forever until your friends yell at you.

16. You have a very hard time not classifying everyone you know into certain types of roles. The funny friend, the broken girl, the emotionally closed-off romantic suitor. BUT WAIT NO PEOPLE ARE THREE-DIMENSIONAL. STOP THIS MADNESS, SELF.

17. Yes, you check Facebook and Instagram and everything else on a regular basis. But you’re also all about maintaining that Goodreads profile.

18. Your friends know that if you’re heading home after happy hour to do some light reading, they’re not going to see you for days.

19. “You think you’re so cool because you read.” BITCH YOU GUESSED IT. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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