17 Miserable Thoughts Everyone Has While Waiting For Winter To End

A Christmas Story
A Christmas Story

1. I actually want to believe in Groundhog Day, but only if that dumb little bastard doesn’t see his shadow when he emerges from the darkness.

2. I don’t remember what springtime is like.

3. Sometimes when I see flowers on tv, I get confused for a second before I remember what they are.

4. I actually don’t know how I’ve been forcing myself to leave my bed every day.

5. I don’t want to look at yellow-colored snow anymore.

6. …I honestly forget how much dogs can urinate until the snow returns.

7. Occasionally I forget what my own body shape looks like because I always have so many layers on.

8. The idea of leaving the house without a scarf on is just bizarre.

9. I can’t remember what flip flops feel like.

10. The concept of sitting on a beach is hard to imagine right now.

11. It’s comforting that I’m not the only one who is pissed off when I’m walking around outside.

12. Maybe if I slip and break my leg, I won’t have to go into work for a little while.

13. Just… no.

14. Why does it feel like there are only four hours of sunlight every day?

15. Only several more weeks of bitter, depressing cold left to go.

16. It’s painful to wake up every morning hoping it’ll be a snow day and then remembering I’m in my mid-twenties.

17. Wine. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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