When It Feels Like Your Worst Day Happens Every Day


Don’t try to avoid it. Don’t try to pretend like it’s not happening. Acknowledge it. Acknowledge that you are struggling and going through a hard time. Acknowledge that you have to force yourself out of bed every day, because, for some reason, at this moment in time, you are going through a rough period.

Acknowledge that this is happening. It takes the power away from all of these negative thoughts gives the power back to you.

Keep going. You’re not the first person who’s had a bad period like this, and you won’t be the last. When you need some encouragement, walk down the street. Go to a coffee shop. Look at people on the train. Look at the people in the car next to yours at the red light. These people have gone through what you’ve gone through. Not your exact experience, per se, but they’ve just been through it. It being the feeling of every day seeming like the worst day you had. One on top of the other. Over and over and over. Seemingly never-ending.

When you go through one bad day, it’s okay. It’s manageable. In a sick way, it’s almost enjoyable, because you baby yourself at the end of it. You call up friends or come home to roommates and partners, and you tell them about what happened to you. You feel validated and comforted when they tell you that anyone would be upset in your position. You feel better when they tell you it’s okay to be upset and that tomorrow will be better.

You pour yourself a glass of wine. Or three. You put on the most comfortable, loosest-fitting pajamas you own. You curl up on the couch and watch a show. You don’t force yourself to do anything, to pull out your laptop and work. Because your day sucked, and you deserve this. You need this.

But if your worst day is happening every day, that stops. The system you have for healing yourself and preparing yourself for another day is gone, because you can’t believe that tomorrow will be better. There’s been too many bad tomorrows and you’re tired of them. You dread going to bed, because it means you’re that much closer to waking up and having to do it all over again.

We’ve been where you are. Don’t be distraught. Don’t be discouraged. It’s called living. If you had no baggage, or you never had any troubling experiences – if you never had to experience discomfort – you’d be the least interesting person in the world. You’d be the least experienced person in the world. You wouldn’t truly understand things. You would not understand life.

The Every-Day-Worst-Day is shaping you. Take comfort in that. It is making you better. It is making you stronger. You may feel miserable at every point, but you don’t see the change that’s taking place. Because you’re in survival mode. All you’re thinking about is how to get through the next moment, the next hour, the next week.

But at some point, the Every-Day-Worst-Day will be over. You’ll have made it through. There might be more periods like this to come, but you’ll be stronger, and more ready. And that’s because of the worst day you’re having today, right now. It’s making you into the person you will like five years, and ten years, and fifty years from now.

Hang on. Keep going. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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