The 15 Types Of Friends You Have In Your 20s

Your twenties are a time when your friends become like your family. And, just like with your family, this means you have a lot of interesting and memorable characters in your life. Here are 15 types of friends you’ll have as you’re settling into adulthood.

1. The down-for-whatever friend: This friend doesn’t care if you want to do the craziest thing or the most boring thing in the world. They are always down to hang, no matter what the situation is. They will go sit in a coffee shop for 5 hours with you, or be the first one in line to do body shots, or go with you to see some weird play when you feel like you need to have more “variety” in your life. Just text them the plan and the address, and they will be there.

2. The always-available-to-talk friend: They always answer your calls and they always Snapchat you back. If you text them at 3 in the morning because you’re having an anxiety attack, they can make you feel better in an instant. You never have to worry about this friend texting you back 4 days later saying “Sorry I totally forgot to respond to this!” Even if they are living on the opposite side of the country, this friend is always there for you when you need someone to talk to, and they actually mean it when they say they are just a phone call away.

3. The happy hour friend: They don’t care if happy hour is at the bar or at your apartment or inside a flask while you’re sitting on the train. They are ALWAYS down for the happiest of hours. Need someone to watch the American Music Awards with while you drink wine and tweet dramatically? They are there. They will thirstily take in all of the pop culture drama right along with you – and a as long as there’s a glass of wine at their side.

4. The lay-in-bed friend: Somehow, you and this friend always end up lounging in one of your beds, doing absolutely nothing, for the better part of a day. Usually hangovers are involved, but sometimes not. This friend will stick by your side, literally, when you don’t feel like moving because it’s too cold out or too bright out or just too something out for you to get your ass out of bed. And what’s the point of getting out of your warm bed when you’ve got someone to keep you company? Solidarity, am I right.

5. The wet-the-bed friend: This friend might be living in the real world, but come the weekend, it’s like they never left college. They can throw back more beers than the frattiest of frat boys, and when you’re getting ready to turn in, they’re just getting started. If you ever wake up and feel like a hot mess who doesn’t have their shit together, just give this friend a call. Chances are they went out last night. And wet the bed. Again. It’ll help you feel the tiniest bit better about yourself.

6. The no-bullshit friend: This is the friend you always need around when you need someone to give it to you straight. They don’t care if what they say is going to hurt your feelings or piss you off. They always tell you what you need to hear, even if it’s not good. You know you can always count on their opinion, because they’re never going to sugarcoat anything for you.

7. The adult friend: This friend is there to remind you that, eventually, you just might have your shit together too. This friend is married or has a baby or has stopped drinking Franzia or maybe even all 3. They have a life plan and a 401k and they take Tums sometimes before they eat a spicy meal. They’re like a premonition of what you and the rest of your social circle is going to look like in 10 years.

8. The I-know-your-entire-family friend: You never have to explain any background information to this friend because they know all of your family drama, and they know everyone in your family, either from visiting home with you for a weekend or from going out to dinner and accidentally getting drunk with your parents. Whenever something happens in your family, you go straight to this friend, because they will just get it.

9. The not-a-real-person friend: You have no idea where you found them or how they became your friend. It’s like they appeared one day out of thin air and you just never questioned it. This is the friend that things just happen to. Their stories are so bizarre and far-fetched, you would not believe them had you not witnessed some in person yourself. There’s usually a lot of alcohol and other questionable substances involved with this friend, but even when they’re sober as a bird, shit just happens to them. And you Can’t. Stop. Watching.

10. The rock-solid friend: This friend is everything to you. The Marnie to your Hannah, the Marshall to your Ted. They are there for you no matter what happens. Even when you screw up, they forgive you, and vice versa. You have a blast together when things are good, but more importantly, they stick by you when things are really bad. They’re loyal and trustworthy and encouraging, and they’re by your side 24/7.

11. The let’s-bring-out-the-worst-sides-of-ourselves-but-in-a-good-way friend: This is the person you call when you want to be worthless but you don’t want to be judged. Want to stay indoors for 3 days and watch every single episode of Scandal? They’re in. Want to go to McDonald’s and order everything on the menu? They will pay half. Want to flip through the movie channels and stop on the one that’s playing Twilight? They won’t say anything. Because they’re happy to be worthless with you, and to make you feel less alone about your worthlessness. Can you think of a better friend?

12. The shade-inducing friend: I’m not saying this is a good thing, but this friend is always available when you need to be a bad person and throw some shade. Whether it’s about one of your friend’s annoying and creepy boyfriends, or your other friend’s awful habit of humble bragging, you can always go to this friend when you need to bitch a little bit. You might feel a little guilty during it, but then they always remind you that throwing shade is a healthy and necessary part of life. You’re not sure if they’re right, but you’re on a throwing-shade-high so you don’t care.

13. The infant friend: Pretty much the opposite of the adult friend. You’re not sure how this friend has made it this far into adulthood without being kidnapped or losing all their money in a pyramid scheme. Their parents still manage their bank account and pay their rent. Sometimes you find it frustrating, but for the most part, you’re just glad you know how to function on your own.

14. The wet-blanket friend: Be careful with this one. No matter how many pep talks you give them or how many times you cheer them up, they always find the negative side to everything. They have a good heart and they’re a good friend, but they don’t realize how exhausting their negativity can be on others. You can try and talk to them and remind them to look on the bright side. But remember, negativity can be contagious, and you can only try and help so much before you have to just let it go and hope they figure it out on their own.

15. The Disney Princess friend: When you get tired of your wet blanket friend, you head straight to this friend for a dose of sunshine. You’ve had brief moments of time where you’ve actually wondered if this friend was a Disney Princess in another life. They glide around oozing perfection and happiness, just short of birds flying around their head and singing in harmony. They somehow manage to be adorable and precious without being annoying, and that’s key when it comes to being Disney royalty. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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