10 Reasons Why Two Damaged People Can Survive Together


1. Damaged people can relate to each other. While it can be a challenge to fulfill each other’s needs without focusing on your own, broken people know how it feels to have issues that no one else seems to understand.

2. Damaged people know how it feels to experience loss on what may be a consistent basis. This puts them in a position of trying to work harder at keeping someone they love. They may certainly feel like everything ends, but they will damn sure try to hold onto what they have found.

3. Broken people are used to feeling alone, and when they find someone else just like them, they can thrive off of that togetherness that they feel they have never experienced. They will try to make it work because they feel that this time, it will be right because they can relate to their partner better.

4. While damaged people guard their hearts, when you have two together, it may seem as if it is a losing combination. Instead, both will try their hardest to keep the relationship intact, regardless of how many misunderstandings, fights, or problems occur. They do not want things to end – again.

5. Damaged and broken people feel a close connection with other broken people. While the circumstances may be totally different, the damage is what is relatable. She may not be able to relate to his abuse as a child and he may not be able to relate to her sexual abuse as a teen, for example – but both people can feel deep empathy for what the other partner is experiencing as far as emotions, pain, and desolation.

6. It may be hard at times, and broken couples have a difficult road in front of them, but it is their unique way of looking at dealing with life that makes them compatible in the first place. There will be days that everything seems dark and that may cause a misunderstanding between the couple, but if there is one thing that a broken person has, it’s compassion for others – especially someone they love.

7. Broken people want to fix others. It’s not enough to fix ourselves, because people who are damaged like to help others too. They feel that they can fix someone because they know how it feels to be damaged. When you combine two damaged people in a relationship, you have two people trying to fix each other, and it won’t be easy, but the two people can feed off of each other’s empathy and compassion.

8. Since some broken people feel as if they will never heal, this is why two broken people can survive together. Each person in the relationship will believe that the other can be fixed, even if that person doesn’t believe it themselves. What this means in the relationship is that each person will keep trying, no matter how challenging it is and no matter how much the other person thinks that they will always be damaged.

9. Damaged people want to be accepted, and when you have two people who are both damaged, they crave that acceptance and help each other grow to feel loved and needed. When one is feeling depressed, it helps that the other knows how it feels to have dark feelings and despair, and that is when the other half of the couple can step in and raise that person’s emotions up.

10. The one thing that damaged people need to remember to make it work is to not let the other person’s despair bring down their own mood. This can happen and it does, but both can center on each other’s needs and this helps decrease their own immediate issues. There isn’t much worse than having two damaged people be depressed at the same time, but by being in-tune with the other person’s moods, you can immediately start to try helping them feel better.

It won’t always be perfect and more often than not, there will be problems that make it seem like the relationship is doomed. But these can and will be temporary issues if you really love that person. Of course, every broken couple won’t succeed, but for some, being broken together is the strongest bond there is – and the most lasting. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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