10 Irresistible Qualities That Define A California Girl

Shutterstock / Ann Haritonenko
Shutterstock / Ann Haritonenko

You’ve heard about us. 

The Beach Boys sang, “I wish they all could be California Girls!” 

Katy Perry claims, “California girls, we’re unforgettable!”

But WHY are California girls so damn irresistible? A CA girl born and raised, I’m proud to represent and celebrate my favorite things about the California girls I know.

1. She’s beautiful

There’s a reason songs are written about California girls. You might have a picture of the quintessential CA girl in your mind, but regardless of height, figure, or hair color – California girls are a sight to behold.

2. She’s fun

California girls grew up with the beach and the mountains; California girls know the big city and the small town. They’ve been entertaining themselves since birth.

3. She’s outdoorsy

Whether she’s from northern or southern CA, you can bet a California girl isn’t scared to get a little dirty.

4. She’s open-minded

California is an aggressively liberal state – meaning Californian’s are chill with just about anything.

5. She’s friendly

If the east coast has a reputation for being hard, the west coast is the opposite. We’ll always flash a smile and help you when you need it.

6. She’s creative

California is home to Hollywood, and while not all of us are actors or musicians, Californian’s love their artistic mediums – think writing, painting, or making movies.

7. She’s active, sporty, and healthy

Whether it’s surfing the Pacific, a yoga class at the gym, or fresh fish for dinner, California girls love taking care of their mind and body.

8. She’s educated

We have 2 of the top 10 best colleges and universities in the country located in California, and 8 in the top 50, according to the US News rankings.

9. She’s cultured

They say the US is a melting pot – but they really mean California. With the most diverse city in the nation (Vallejo), and 8 more cities in the top 20 (according to Business Insider), California girls are exposed to people of all races, religions, and types.

10. She still lives there

“You can travel the world, but nothing comes close to the golden coast!” You will never find another place like California, and for that reason she’s a CA girl for life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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