6 Things Holding You Back From Following Your Dreams

What kind of dreams do you have? Career, health, relationship, financial, travel dreams? You deserve to reach those dreams. Even if they seem unattainable or unrealistic, you owe it to yourself to give them your best shot.

Here are six things holding you back from your dreams and what to do about it:

1. You are settling

Here is the harsh truth: Unless you are actively working on reaching your dreams, you are making a choice and settling. Don’t take the easy way out. Leaving a cushy job that pays well is tough, but it is probably worth it if it means you will reach your dreams.

2. You care about other people’s opinions

You’re only human, so yeah, it will cross your mind here and there. But there’s a difference between giving it a thought and giving it control. We tend to worry about things we know are being said about us and things we just assume are being said. How silly is that? Most people aren’t paying much attention to you, honestly. The ones who do say negative things about you are also a non-issue. Chances are, those people wish they had the motivation, passion, and balls you do to chase one of their own dreams. Do they pay your bills? No? Then who cares!

3. You dwell on the what if’s

Look, we don’t know what is going to happen in the future in any situation. The “What if it doesn’t work out?” or “What if I run into this issue?” stress is just that: extra stress. Don’t give yourself more worry. Even if you stay put in your situation, you have no idea what the next day holds. You will be better off risking a little bit for your best life instead of staying stagnant and still risking an unexpected setback. Because what if it all works out?

4. You doubt yourself

You can do it. Read that again. Any new venture is taking a chance. We haven’t done it before, so how are we supposed to be confident that we actually can? One surefire way of hurting that chance is by not exuding confidence and not believing in ourselves. Fake it till you make it, people! You have no idea that you can make it happen, that’s true. But on the other hand, you don’t even know what you can accomplish. This part of you is untapped, and with the passion and confidence behind it, you can do anything.

5. You’re comparing yourself and your journey to other people

If you have social media, you basically do this without trying. The fit people, the graduates, the engagements, the travel goals, everyone’s success and best life moments are posted. So first, don’t forget that you see each person’s highlight reel. You don’t see their losses or failures. Secondly, comparing your unique self, who has led a completely different life and has different passions and abilities, is not beneficial. You are really no further or behind any other person in life. We are all right on time for what we are meant for.

6. You’re scared

It is scary making the conscious decision to follow your dreams. Fears of failure, judgement, and the unknown are all scary, but they shouldn’t stop you. Let them fuel you instead. Don’t let yourself fail, prove yourself to others and make your own ending. There is nothing to be afraid of other than living a life you are not proud of or happy with.

Don’t Let Another Day Go By

Each day you allow these things to hold you back, you are putting your deepest aspirations and desires on the back burner. You owe it to yourself to get going and make the life you have always dreamed of for yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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