10 Amazing Things That Happen When You Move In With Your Significant Other

You get to sleep next to them: One of the most comforting feelings is falling into a blissful sleep next to the one you love. There’s a sense of security knowing they are there when you close your eyes and waking up to their face (should be) amazing as well. Yes, some days when they hog the blankets or snore like a lawnmower you will want to push them off the bed; I’m saying it’s worth it.

You get to see them on days you have only a little free time: If you’re busy from morning ‘til night, chances are carving out time to see them won’t be possible. When you live together you might only catch a glimpse of them at 6am or before bed, but it’s better than nothing!

You won’t have to “get ready” in order to be with them: They are living with you, meaning they probably love you. It’s true that real love is unconditional, so your unbrushed hair and bare face won’t change that. At first it’ll take a lot to let them see you all-natural, but once they do it’s a huge relief.

You learn about them on a different level: There’s a whole new side to someone you are exposed to when living together. Their guilty pleasures and things they would usually hide are no longer a secret. Think: Eating a whole pizza to themselves or watching hours of reality TV. Who they are at the very core is now on display, you’ll get to know them in a way you haven’t before. When they cry, when they laugh, how they cope, you’ll see it all.

You’ll discover pretty immediately if you’re meant to be together: The dynamic of your relationship shifts from the very first night together. You’ve “leveled up” in the relationship hierarchy and with that come a lot of opportunity to either grow together, or crumble with the pressure. If you can navigate the new and trying time of getting used to living together and making it last, you probably found your person.

You can be alone without being alone: Most people like, and sometimes NEED, their alone time. Getting that time alone to recharge, think or relax is important. It’s nice to have a person there but not having to fill the silence. New couples might feel the silence is a bad thing, like there’s nothing to talk about. But once you live together you’ll get accustomed and that time will be a good opportunity to be with your own thoughts.

You learn from each other: Mannerisms and phrases they use might rub off on you. You’ll pick up on these things and it’ll be second nature to adopt them as your own. What is cooler though is when their habits are appealing and can be positive changes for you. From better sleep habits, to going to the gym, to dedicating time to studies or reading. You’ll influence each other a lot and sometimes those changes make you better.

You learn to work through your problems instead of running away: No more fighting through text or hanging up on the phone. It’s real now, you moved in your stuff and you gotta commit or get out. Of course there’s times when you should leave and get some air, but living together brings a new aspect of fighting that wasn’t there before. You confront it, and get through it together.

Nights In don’t suck as much: If your friends are busy, the weathers bad, or you’re sick you might have to stay in instead of hitting the bars. It’s a game-changer when staying in isn’t lonely. You might even learn you enjoy staying in more than going out.

You get to make plans: Last but certainly not least, you’re building a foundation. Dating and being together for years is impressive, no doubt, but living together and loving it is another animal. When you were dating, moving in was the logical next step. Once you’ve conquered living together, you’ll certainly look for more and plan your future with that person by your side.

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