Tinder Proves That The American, Wholesome, Feminine Woman Is Becoming Harder To Find


We all know that all-too-familiar sound. You are sitting in one of your favorite late night hangouts when a sound that resembles something close to a pack of hyenas in heat pierces your eardrums. It is a group of 5 to 10 girls, most likely in their 20s, shrieking in unison as they celebrate another Vegas Bomb. Nails of a sloth across a chalkboard would be more inviting than this horrific mating call.

Listening to them you would think that a naval vessel just docked in the harbor. Loud, obnoxious with conversations laden with profanity and vulgarity. Everything is hyper-sexualized. One girl is half in tears because she slept with Billy on the first night, and now he is ignoring her from across the way. Probably happened to her a dozen times or more by now. Her friends reassure her that Billy is just an ‘asshole’ and it has nothing to do with her giving it up easier than a hooker that takes Discover Card. Feeling better, she grabs the nearest pole and sticks her ass out and does some sort of mating dance known as ‘twerking’ to draw in more horny suitors. One who will inevitably take her home for the night and never call again. Even if he doesn’t, she has already projected herself as a trash bag ho, and really that is all that matters. The group tosses back some more shots and continues their antics until the end of the night at which point half are crying in a cab on the way home and the other half are in some strangers bed.

Meet the modern American ‘young lady’. The one that seems to think she is man. How this happened, or why it happened is a source of debate. Not to say that young men and women can’t party and behave reckless or risqué. That is fairly standard and reasonable for young people. However, until recently the majority of these young women would still at least attempt a feminine front, even if down deep they were trashy. They were taught better, raised better and it was deemed shameful to behave in such a manner, especially in public. Keep that behind closed doors. Openly trashy behavior is now not only tolerated, but encouraged by young men and women alike.

1. “I’m cool, just like one of the guys.”

Men generally do not mind a woman who can be ‘one of the guys’, per se. But not at the cost of her femininity. It is a complete turnoff to hear a women swear excessively, drink beer from a can, smoke cigarettes and be openly vulgar, violent and over sexual. This isn’t Sons of Anarchy. Ok, you get our jokes and you are not offended by our crude male behaviors, but the key word there is male. Women should act feminine, not masculine. Straight men are not interested in dating or having sex with other men. We like women because they are just that, women. Women should be fairly soft spoken, somewhat polite and carry themselves with at least a certain degree of modesty and mystery. Dare I call it class. Not just put it all out there. Otherwise you may as well be a prostitute, but at least prostitutes get paid.

2. “I’m gonna get me some dick tonight girl.”

No man who is going to show a woman even an ounce of respect wants to hear that. He may hear it and think, “Great, this chick is going to be an easy lay.” But she is not even getting cab fare, let alone a call-back. When he wakes up to the smell of her alcohol breathe and stale cigarettes, he will immediately regret his decision and formulate a plan to escape her place or get her out of his house as quick as possible. “Want to get breakfast?” says a voice under the covers that resembles Clint Eastwood after gargling acid soaked gravel. “Nah.”

3. “What was your name again?”

Anyone seen a dance floor recently? Can we even call it dancing anymore? To me it resembles more of a public orgy. Half naked girls ramming their asses into the nearest crotch. Next to her another one is wrapped around a man’s waist and riding him like a rodeo bull. Tongues swapped without even names exchanged. I am sure a lot of fathers out there would be quite honored to see what their little princess is up to this particular evening. Make him proud, ‘ladies.’

4. “I’ll fuck that bitch up! SLUT!”

The language coming out of these girls mouths is deplorable. To hear a women drop 2 or 3 “F-bombs” in a single sentence is not uncommon. Listening to them verbally shred other women in the ultimate act of hypocrisy is not only disgusting, but a huge turnoff. Not to mention the ultra-aggressive types that want to verbally or even physically scrap with other girls in their vicinity. Throw in the open discussion about their sexual encounters and conquests. Did their mothers conduct themselves like this? Not likely.

5. “I like having lots of sex with lots of guys on Tinder but wish guys would stop proposing. I’m 19, way too young to be tamed ” – Angie

I recently came across a Twitter page called Tinderfessions. This is where anyone can post Tinder experiences anonymously and share them via the Twitter feed. You will notice the majority seem to come from women. Also notice the crude and vulgar language equals or betters the men. Many will say that this type of young female is not the norm. But I argue it is far more the norm than anyone wants to admit. Here are some samples, but click the link above to read some in real time.

Fathers, may I present to you, your daughters.

6. “This is typical male hypocrisy!”

We already know the females are going to counter with some feminist bullshit about how women have the right to act like men do and it’s all so hypocritical. Maybe it is, but as stated many times before, these women have no right to wonder why men don’t treat them as ‘ladies’ or call them back. They need to take a hard look at themselves. Femininity is attractive and respected. They should try it sometime. To think some sucker will put a ring on those fingers someday is an absolute mockery to the sanctity of marriage. Trust me, whoever those guys are, they will only get the PG version.

7. Men Need to Demand More

Men, young and old, need to demand more from young women. A 23-year-old guy may be loving that girls these days are so easy and predictable. But when the time comes and he wants to find a good woman, a good mother that will teach his daughter how to carry herself with respect and dignity? What then? As great as it might be for a young man today in the prime of partying, care-free life, his future options are bleak. Only he can change that and demand more. Boys will be boys, but at the end of the day they want to come home to women, feminine women. Not the female version of their fraternity brother. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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