No Woman Can Escape Mother Nature’s Devastating Reality Check

Time and time again I run into younger fellas, frustrated with the entitled “treat me like a princess because I have a pussy” females of today. I explain to them that at 39 years old, I have experienced one ultimate truth, witnessed one formula that never changes, never fails and always levels the playing field. I tell them, be patient… mother nature will humble these chicks like nothing else, permanently.
Because of various circumstances in life, and despite my age, I often end up in social circles with individuals in their early to late 20s, as well as those in my own age bracket of course. Half of these people, if not more, are females and many I consider friends. Being the case, I have seen one cycle repeated at least a good three to four times over by now.

Six Nine Syndrome (SNS)

A common theme on ROK is the modern entitled female. Never has this been more apparent, in my opinion, than the last 15 years or so. Females generally seem to have the attitude that simply having a pair of tits somehow entitles them to a certain brand of treatment, as well as giving them the right to treat others a certain way. Essentially they feel they have the right to conduct themselves like complete bitches, often acting as if you are lucky to be in their presence, let alone speak to them. If you are so lucky and (in their mind) proven worthy, she may actually touch your dick. An even bigger problem exists as well, that being that females who really don’t carry the physical or intellectual credentials to even justify such attitude portray themselves as if they were 9s instead of the actual 6s they are. I call it the Six Nine Syndrome, or SNS.

Whose fault is this? I go with 50/50 blame here. If men are treating you like a 9 your whole life, you are going to believe it on some level. It starts with their fathers making them feel like a princess their entire lives, regardless of how they behave or carry themselves. Even more it is the fault of the blue pill beta males so thirsty for female attention they bestow upon these “exalted ones” endless, unwarranted accolades and handouts in the hope that one day she will just maybe, MAYBE allow you to text her or even bless you with her company. Now the women need to exercise some rational judgment here and should realize they really don’t need to act this way, and in most cases simply do not warrant such attention. Dude just wants his dick wet… period…. get over it. There are 30 more chicks in this bar alone that can fill the task. You are not that special, Beyonce.

One Of A Million

Fast forward to the next day where she can meet a pack of fellow hungover friends at some coffee house, wearing the same makeup as the previous night, hair knotted in a ratty bun off-center atop of her head, un-showered and generally disheveled in sweat pants with “Love PINK” scrawled across the ass. They will cackle and brag to one another how Brad or Greg “like was soooo talking to me last night… oh my gawd.” You see, someone let these morning grease faced jackals think they really are THAT special. I mean, reality is down deep they all are tremendously insecure and jealous of one another. We know that, and playing off that is vital. But outwardly right now among friends, they are acting as if we all were blessed to simply be in the same universe as their grimy, polluted from the previous night, gash. Come on ladies, give us a break… you are one OF a million, not one IN a million.

Wall of Decay

When I was younger, and had not yet taken the red pill of freedom, this really bothered me. But over time, I saw before my eyes this wonderful cycle of nature. I say the average female has a socially relevant and peak sexually desirable shelf life of 10 years, 18 to 28 give or take. Note I said average. Sure some girls are never desirable, or some may bust their ass in the gym and remain relevant far longer. But the average chick doesn’t really take care of herself, drinks too much, tans to handbag like skin, doesn’t work out, eats like shit and one day around 28 or so they hit that wall, and they hit it HARD. Some hit it sooner than others, some harder than others, but it will happen and when it does it is absolutely magnificent. No longer can they skate by on their drooping tits, sloppy ass, bad skin and turkey neck to get what they want. Suddenly that requires merit. Something many never had to earn because blue pillers and betas just handed everything to them.

Definition of Hypocrisy

Now, they turn their nose up to the girls who are 4 or 5 years younger for the exact same behaviors they too once exhibited, only now are incapable of because that new generation of younger, tighter and more desirable females is on the scene. Of course they notice the men gravitating towards the new improved 2014 models first. Survival mode kicks in, and the younger crop is immediately labeled “slutty” or “trashy.” In other words, attempt whatever it takes to downgrade the better stock. Ironic, because 2 or 3 years previous, before the inevitable collision with the Wall of Decay, they were wearing the same clothes, dancing the same slutty ballet and slamming down the same Jager Bombs before some guy inevitably desecrated them, handed them cab fare, or begrudgingly bought them a bagel, egg and cheese the next morning. Wow, look how special you once were. Now however it’s, “Ugh… can you believe how these girls are acting? They are like soooo trah-sheyyy.”

The Tables Have Turned

As a man this is where we can just sit back and bask in their downfall. We didn’t write these age old rules, but we undoubtedly benefit from them. Rules pretty much dictate a women only has as much desirability and power that her looks allow. When those fade, despite what they may think, power is lost as well. It may take her brain a couple extra years to process and accept this fact, but it remains.

Is anything sadder than a female past her prime that still acts like she has the power and allure of a 23 year old? But as men get older, if we simply take relative good care of ourselves and carry on suitably, we actually become more attractive, or at the very least maintain previous levels. Women like older guys… period. I am not even saying you have to be super fit or well off, just don’t be a fat ass, present yourself appropriately in the right scene and you can still do very well or even flourish with women far younger, and even more important, younger than the bitter old clan of entitled jackals that seem shocked find their value plummeting year by year. They have lost most of their power and now wish YOU would talk to THEM. They look on from afar while knocking back chicken nachos, sucking down mojitos, whispering among themselves about how awful the younger women you socialize with are, simultaneously judging us on how we could even want to talk to them to begin with. Sorry hun, not interested. It looks like it’s you, Chunky Monkey, E Harmony and The Notebook again tonight.

Cackle Away

Some women who read this will invariably have the typical response one might expect when hitting them with hard truth. Something in the range of “he is gay”, “he is just bitter because he doesn’t get laid”, “what a pig”… cackle… cackle… etc. Sadly, per usual this response is a false and failed retort to something they simply don’t want to hear.

If there are two things that will anger and confuse women more than anything, it’s when a man hits them with red pill truth and/or when he dares exhibit how he could do without their presence. After all, her whole life she has been told how special and essential to male happiness she is. How can you not feel that way? Simple, the RED pill. But don’t get it completely twisted: this attitude can also lead to plenty of success as they find your aloofness mysteriously attractive. Too many men, trapped in blue pill purgatory, still can’t grasp this. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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