18 Air Hostesses Reveal The Craziest Things That Happen On A Plane


1. “Crew members will sometimes spit in the bottle or in a passenger’s meal, before serving them to the passenger.” – Fadia, 26

2. “My colleagues have sex in the sleeping bunks. I’d say always put a blanket on those and sleep on it, just for you own privates’ safety…” – Mariem, 30

3. “When we tell you an item on the menu isn’t available on board, it usually means we’re too lazy to fetch it for you.” – Camille, 27

4. “Sometimes cabin crew will drink half the alcohol bottles and fill them up with apple juice or water.” – Mary, 27

5. “I once got called servant by a passenger. We are not servants. We are here first and foremost for your safety, not to cater to your every mental problem.” – Sabine, 25

6. “If it gets cooler after services it’s because we want you to sleep and leave us alone.” – Dora, 24

7. “We hate you when you start complaining you have a family waiting for you and how you have to get home at a very specific time. Like we don’t have a home to go to.” – Marianna, 34

8. “When I was younger, a passenger once cut his toenails on the table and asked me to remove them. When he insisted I should clean after him, I pretended to accidentally spill hot coffee in his lap.” – Georgia, 36

9. “It’s true that tap water on the plane may have residue and bacteria in it and even tiny insect eggs. Don’t drink the water or whatever’s made with it. Buy your own before you board.” – Germaine, 28

10. “Airplane blankets are cleaned once every thirty days. You can get seriously ill from the bacteria and viruses sick passengers carry. Get a sweater instead.” – Amy, 29

11. “I am black and I had to sleep with 3 men at the airline I now work for to get the job. I hate my life every day.” – May, 25

12. “Cabin crew will sometimes smoke in the lavatory and cause emergency landings. No one gives a shit, we have the benefit of a doubt.” – Cornelia, 28

13. “If we refuse to give you Xanax it’s because we need it more than you do. Your stupidity makes us want to punch ourselves in the face.” – Jade, 31

14. “It is debilitating for me to imagine how some of the passengers actually manage to spray their faeces all over walls.” – Arrya, 27

15. “I sometimes wish the plane would crash so we could save people and get more respect in our line of work.” – June, 25

16. “What few people really don’t know is how many of us are offered money to have sex with passengers on long flights. I do it quite often. I don’t care what people say. My work doesn’t pay well.” – Ella, 27

17. “Pregnant women who pee a lot and crying babies are a pain in the ass for us all. I need heavy antidepressants to survive.” – Clara, 28

18. “Yes, we do drugs in the lavatory, and it’s only to put up with your demanding, miserable, condescending behaviour. We are not your slaves.” – Rebecca, 30 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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