10 Guys Confess The Creepiest Thing A Girl Made Them Do In Order To Sleep With Her

Sophia Sinclair
Sophia Sinclair

1.  “My first girlfriend told me she’d have sex with me (we were both virgins) if I dye my pubes blue. I used Methylene Blue and made a mess all over my parents’ bathroom. Also, my brother saw me the next morning and told everyone we knew”. – Kyle, 24

2. “I had a crush on this girl in college everyone wanted to fuck – she rejected all the guys. One night I got locked out of my dorm room and decided to go to a party in campus. She was there, and we’ve been staring at each other intensely for hours when the guys decided to play drunk challenge. When my turn came, I asked her to strip naked. She said she would, if I masturbated in front of the group and swallowed my own sperm. It was the weirdest thing I’ve did in my life – not to mention the applause and encouragements – but I got to sleep with her” – Adam, 23

3. “When I met my ex wife, she told me she’d only sleep with a guy who’d kiss all the men in the bar. I was drunk enough to do it, but I eventually got in a bloody fight and broke my nose. We didn’t divorce because of that” – Alex, 34

4. “A girl I hooked up with at a bar wanted our first sex night to be live on adult chatroulette. I first agreed but couldn’t get it up as I felt nervous all the way and she started yelling I have a small d*ck. On camera.” – Gordon, 27

5. “These two girls I talked into a threesome asked me to wear a butt plug all evening. I had many detours and also had to run back to work for a last minute emergency, so by the time I reached their apartment, I was literally shitting my pants” – Jake, 29

6. “My flatmate said she’d like an orgy in our apartment. She was hot and everything so I agreed. She only invited men” – Albert, 25

7. “She told me she’d fuck me if I let her fuck me first with a strap-on bigger than the size of my d*ick” – Marius, 28

8. “She agreed to have sex if I managed to make her former BFF fall in love with me.” – Matt, 22

9. “I was a security guard at a high end fashion store when this girl I started seeing asked if I could steal some expensive pieces for her. She’d always say she’d love to wear them in bed with me” – Angelo, 28

10. “I used to fool around with women, and my girlfriend found out. We weren’t having sex anymore for months and never talked about it. She told me she’ll sleep with me again if I texted each of those women a photo of her riding my d*ck” – Rob, 31 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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