10 Women Reveal Exactly How A Guy Gave Them The Most Intense Sexual Experience Of Their Lives

Sophia Sinclair
Sophia Sinclair

1.  “My ex used to write me these elaborate emails at work describing in detail what he’d do to me in bed the same night. One time I was already so turned on I asked him to skip forward to the part where he eats a strawberry covered in my private juices and then fucks me hard.” – Julie, 25

2. “My partner and I wanted to recreate the steamy sex scene in Paulo Coehlo’s 11 Minutes, where Maria, the lead character, is blindfolded and tied up to the bed after being dominated, spanked and forbidden to touch herself. He spread my legs and tied me to the bed, using a feather wand to touch my body all over until I begged him to let me come already. When he pressed the back of the wand to my clit, I screamed with pleasure. It was my most intense orgasm so far, and Coehlo must be some kind of sex guru.” – Lin, 29

3. “He was my hottest fling from college. We did it in an old art gallery, in the basement, between dusty artworks and rusty buckets of paint brushes. He told me to shush, cut my dress open with a scissors and told me he wanted to paint all over my body with his fingers and tongue. He did this for hours and I got so aroused I came just moments before he unbuttoned his trousers” – Clara, 25

4. “My boyfriend and I had been long debating the topic of a threesome with another man, but we weren’t quite sure who’d be the right guy for our crazy night. Then, last summer, he invited his bisexual flat mate from college to crash on our couch for a couple nights. His name was Jerry – he was sweet and somehow scarily magnetic. One night, we started playing dirty confessions over drinks in our living room, and we told Jerry about our threeway musings. He said nothing more and simply came over and kissed my boyfriend. Watching them kiss for minutes in a row was the sexiest thing I’ve seen in my life. It was a long, sweaty night, and Jerry didn’t let me touch myself or my guy at all – he treated me like a sex queen. When things got heated, I had the first double penetration in my life. I’m not together with my then boyfriend any more but I still think about Jerry sometimes”  – Penny, 29

5. “I used to date this guy I met online, we never exchanged too much personal information, house addresses or emails, we just called each other when we wanted to have sex. One day he told me he’d like to offer me a present, and I joked about it, assuming it’d be something sexual. It was. He took me to a sex masseuse, paid for everything and told her to take good care of me. It was the most intimate thing he’d ever did for me, and we haven’t seen each other after that any more.” – Paula, 30

6. “I told my boyfriend I used to masturbate with the shower when I was a teenager. He got aroused and told me he wants to be part of the fantasy. A few months later, his parents who had an outdoor jacuzzi asked us to house sit. We spent a whole afternoon in the pool, and he played with the water jets onto my privates. I had multiple screaming orgasms and became so sensitive to touch that after he finally fucked me I couldn’t sit down anymore for 2 days.” – Miriam, 24

7. “My ex partner and I exchanged roles in bed: he was a woman and I was the guy. He asked me talk as dirty as I please, dominate him, ride him hard and all. I did it mercilessly – and came all over his face in the end. Now I want to do this with every guy I meet” – Nora, 27

8. “My husband and I took a Tantric sex course for 3 months. He now stays hard for hours, and I like to wait long before I finally orgasm. It was the best investment in our relationship” – Helena, 31

9. “I used to have a seriously kinky fuck buddy, and each encounter with him was a deeply erotic surprise. One day he asked me to wear a small vibrating toy in my panties to work. We met in my lunch break in a hotel nearby – I was on the brink of an orgasm for hours already but he wanted to tease me more. He went down on me – the vibrator still inside me – and I came so hard I nearly fainted”. – Marjorie, 23

10. “We drove away one summer to a secluded beach and spent the entire weekend without talking, just making love slowly everywhere we found a nice place outdoors. It connected us on all possible levels.” – Yanna, 28

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