The Simple Art Of Learning To Live Slowly

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Brooke Cagle

I saw a post on Instagram the other day about slow living. Living slowly has never been something that interested me, I thrive off of fast living chaos. But this post really stuck out to me. It’s less about slowing down completely, and more about learning to really embrace the smaller steps you take in life. That although it may not always be sunshine and daisies that there are those intricate moments of the day where you can slow down and you can enjoy the small parts of being completely yourself.

I often feel like I have to have everything figured out and placed into tiny neat life tabs in my head in order to feel like I am getting somewhere, in order to feel like I am living. But that’s not the case. Sometimes the art of slow living is really singing that song on the radio you secretly love but tell everyone you hate. Or admiring the way his arms fit around you in the early morning hours way before your alarm is set to go off.

We are humans that get so obsessed with getting things done, accomplishing tasks, we often forget to really take in that morning cup of coffee. We often choose laundry over drinks with friends. But that isn’t living, is it? I have been so caught up in needing to be something more than I am that I have slowly pushed myself away. Sounds silly, but it is possible. I became a person so obsessed with getting noticed, with taking that extra shift at work, or making sure all the stuff on my “to do” list was done before settling in to a night of cuddling. In such a fast manner, I lost the love for the life I was creating. I grew disdain toward the small things I used to love.

Because I didn’t know how to slow down.

I am learning to not take small moments in life for granted. Instead to embrace them. Different ideas and keys to slower living.

Which mind you is an art. In doing this whole slow living thing, I am hoping to gain a better more fluent adoration of life. As a person that is pro “little victories” I am coming to love this new idea. Hopefully by slowing down I can gain a little inspiration and work toward a better way of writing, and a new exciting way of living.

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