This Is Why I’m Letting You Go

Ludy Maude Elllis
Ludy Maude Elllis

When you’re with someone, you want to be consumed in them. I know I do, at least.

I want to share my 2 am thoughts and I want to know that my good morning text made you smile. I want to know that when I am not there, you reach your hand to my side of the bed in search of my own and the thought of me not being there at least brings you a little sadness.

I want to feel secure in myself, as well as in us, and not be worried that I am going to be replaced or that someone takes my spot when I’m not there. I want someone who wants me regardless of my scars, regardless of the things that haunt my past and linger into my present.

I want to be wanted.

I don’t want unanswered texts and mixed messages. I don’t want to lie in bed at night and wonder why I am not good enough or what I could do to make myself more appealing for you. I shouldn’t have to live in a “wanna be” relationship feeling more alone than when I was at my lowest.

And that is why I can no longer have you as a priority, because to you I am only an option. And that is not an option to me.

I am not a thought that crosses your mind when you turn over to see the spot next to you bare. You only care about you.

And that is why I have to let you go. And that’s okay.

I have spent years catering to others, hoping that one of the times all the things I do for this person or that person would finally fill this emptiness inside.

I deserve the type of love, and the type of relationship that feeds my soul, not drains it.

After falling face first into the hard concrete of tough relationships, I think it is time to take a step back and take care of me. So I am choosing to stop putting you first, and to give myself a shot.

I come from a long list of insecurities, each a little less pretty than the last and I am looking to change that. I am not looking to make the list longer. I want to wake up in the comfort of my own company and not have this burning need to text someone. I want to tell myself good morning and feel the sunshine on my face and know that I am okay. With or without you, or anyone else for that matter.

So I am vowing to myself, to let go of those toxic relationships that allow my insecurities to weigh me down like two pockets full of rocks. I vow to embrace the potential relationship with myself and work as hard as I can on looking at myself in the mirror and knowing in my heart that I am enough. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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