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The Simple Art Of Learning To Live Slowly

girl leaning by a window

Sometimes the art of slow living is really singing that song on the radio you secretly love but tell everyone you hate. Or admiring the way his arms fit around you in the early morning hours way before your alarm is set to go off.

Shame On You For Playing With My Heart

You don’t know what you want, and you claim it’s due to this dire need to make everyone else happy. To make sure everyone else is okay and content. But it’s not that at all, because in the middle of the night when she sleeps next to you and you’re texting me…you’re only thinking of yourself.

I Finally Told Him I Was Leaving

The days seemed to pass without purpose, I didn’t exist in his world. I was a warm body to sleep next to and occasionally have sex with. If you could call it that. This is not the life I wanted.

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