where is your heart?

Do You Know Where Your Heart Is?

Do you know where your heart is?

I don’t mean where it is within your chest, but where you’ve placed it over the years.
Are there pieces nestled in the hues of pastel sunsets?
Does it come to you with every wave that washes ashore?
Did you give it to the sky so that it paints your shoulders every time it storms?
Is it held within the quiet of summer nights, beating somewhere in the velvet darkness?
Does one half bathe you in moonlight while the other freckles your nose with its rays?
Is it scattered amongst the stars, twinkling at you from impossible distances?

Perhaps it is shared between the people who have held it too carelessly.
Is it in the hands of past lovers, in the mouths of those who have whispered, “You are everything to me”?
Is it divided evenly, or does one person hold a heavier piece than the rest?
Do you see it in the eyes of strangers as you roam streets with ghosts nipping at your heels?
Has it found its way into old photographs, embedded itself into the lines of a faded love note?

Maybe it is safely cradled in the arms of the many people who do, and always will, care for you.
Is it within the curves of familiar smiles?
Does it leap at you gloriously from the depths of genuine laughter?
Is it in between the fingers of a comforting hand, in the warmth of a long embrace?
Does it swell quietly beneath the sheets?
Is it loudly thumping from across the room?
Does it exist in the moments that take your breath away?

So now can you tell me — do you know where your heart is?
Is it still yours to give away? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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