Sorry Guys, But If You Do These Chores, You’re Not Going To Get Laid

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All along ladies thought the men voluntarily doing their chores (i.e. the Mr. Moms of the world) were a catch. But according to a new study, we’ve all been fooled. Yes, fooled!

A new study published by the American Sociological Review found that men who do “feminine” household chores, like dishes and mopping, don’t have sex as much as their manly counterparts — at least not with the middle-aged ladies.

But the twisted part is that these “egalitarian” couples were actually found to appear happier. Sorry, but happiness with less sex is a foreign concept to me.

The study captures the relationships of 4,561 middle-aged couples in the United States, over a period of 20 years.

And for those in traditional marriages? The men who performed 55 percent of “masculine” chores (rolls eyes), such as paying the bills and mowing, are actually having sex 1.5 times more.

According to sociologist, Sabino Kornich this possibly occurred because of lingering gender stereotypes within the household. Which seems the most sane, understandable reason for such a shocking/insane revelation.

It’s difficult to feel all that surprised with the findings of this study, given that it focuses on a generation that is far more conservative when it comes to gender roles.

And while there’s no problem with that, I have faith that this study doesn’t apply to the future generations to come.

Because personally I’m swooning over any guy that does the dishes or any “feminine” household task for that matter — and I feel confident speaking up for a great majority of my generation with that statement because I believe we’re a generation far more open to the idea of sharing gender roles.

However, to the middle-aged men of the world, let this serve as a warning to you: put down the dishrag and pick up the leaf blower while you’re ahead. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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