Run From Your Problems, You’ll Be Happy You Did


I never was a fan of clichés and one in particular I have never come to agree with was “don’t run from your problems.” We all have issues. Work problems, relationship problems, finances, etc. Or, on an even greater scale, depression, poverty, abuse, mental illness, cancer, or loss or rejection by a loved one.

A lot of the problems people face on a daily basis are not given much credit. Life can be as equally crappy as it can be great. They say, “when life gives you lemons make lemonade.” I say that when life gives you lemons throw those bitches out because they’re rotten. Go find fresher fruit to make juices from and pour that in a to-go cup.

Step away from that situation and focus on something more positive.
Run away from what broke you, don’t sit there and try and figure it out. They say, “time heals” for a reason; so in that time, get moving! In fact; sprint.  Sprint as fast as you can in the opposite direction until you almost forget why that situation broke you.

The greater the pain you experience the farther you will be able to run towards something better. Everyone needs closure and that time will come, but until then don’t look back until you’re strong enough to face that situation with confidence. Don’t revisit that pain until it is no longer a pain that binds you. Hell, if you never reach that point then why would you revisit it in the first place? There comes a point where you have to choose to be happy and if closure wont make you happy then leave it out of the agenda.

Soooo…you’ve decided to run away, where do you go? Lets hope you head in a more positive direction and not down a more destructive path. If you’re spiritual maybe ask yourself if you need to run back in that direction. If you’re lacking excitement and happiness perhaps you should run towards what makes you happy. If you’re lonely run towards the people that make you feel secure. The good news is your brain is on your side and only you know what you need to heal.

Are you familiar with the term “defense mechanisms”? Defense mechanisms are designed to reduce anxiety and discomfort. Psychologist have coined “sublimation” to be the healthiest defense mechanism and it involves channeling your pain into a healthier outlet such as hobbies, activities, or goals.

Some of you might have to move to another city, so do it. Some of you might have to take two months off and just travel the world and open your eyes to new horizons. Do it! It’s okay to run as long as you’re running towards something better. After all, “everything happens for a reason,” right? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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