Never Date A Man Who Only ‘Loves’ You On His Terms

Never Date A Man Who Only 'Loves' You On His Terms
Allef Vinicius

Right now, you are mesmerized by a man who is fooling you. He has not treated you right, yet you have continued to date him and worse, under his own selfish conditions.

You have only known him for a while. On the night that you met him, you gave into him completely. He told you of the possibilities of how he could like you and he got you hooked. I know that it has been a long time since someone has told you that they’re interested in you. So, you have believed that no one will love you anymore, but this is not true. You simply do not have enough empirical evidence to support this claim.

Yes, he might have initiated contact because he remembered you, but is that your only qualifier now? You would give into anyone who simply remembers you? And so you talked and spent time with him, for hours and hours. He filled your mind with empty promises. You kept telling him that you wouldn’t take his bullshit, yet you made your heart believe in all of it.

Not too long ago, this man told you that he could love you if you could only change how you look. What he said makes him an asshole. Please don’t feel relieved, hoping that he will truly do when you kill yourself trying to change something that is not even his. It’s your figure and no one
else’s. You are the only one who has a say on how you should like.

Moreover, you should never love a man who could only love you conditionally.

When he did such an absurd thing, an alarm should’ve gone in your head that it was time to cut this person out of your life. To give you some credit, you tried to, but you eventually caved. You continued to talk to him and met with him at his beck and call. You literally became one call away. You think that all his efforts are signs that he likes you, but they’re not.

He wants to keep you in his life for the wrong reasons. You have romanticized everything that he has done as signs that he might one day love you; but, he has a different motive. He is keeping you in his life because it is simply so convenient. He has a girl who takes his bullshit, pays for everything, brings him to and from his house, and who is always one call away.

You are giving him everything and he is using you for it. So, please stop.

Know that you are worth so much more. No one deserves to be treated this way, no one. I want you to date someone who loves you for who you are today and not for who you can become. I want you to date someone who deserves you. I want you to cut this man out of your life and patiently wait for a better man. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Kiara is a young professional who aspires to write for the sole purpose of having people treat each other as actual people.

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