To The Girl Who Thinks She’ll Never Love Again

Leo Hidalgo
Leo Hidalgo

You say you’ll never love again. You’ve been burned too many times, you can’t imagine picking up the matches. You’re heart is broken beyond repair; it surely cannot handle another scar. You say you’ll never trust again, keeping everyone at a comforting distance, far enough to not cause farther damage, close enough to feel their presence.

You’ve given up on love. You sit and sulk in your heartbreak, letting bitterness and jadedness get the best of you. You’ve shut yourself off, from the world and yourself. You’ve gone cold, not even recognizing yourself when you look in the mirror.

You think you’re protecting yourself. This is for the better, right?

If you don’t give your heart away, no one will be able to add to the destruction? If you keep to yourself, no one on the outside will be able to hurt you? If you push them all away, they’ll leave you alone? If you’re the one calling the shots, you’re in control?


You’re only hurting yourself, by breaking your own heart. You’re only doing this to yourself.

By blocking out love, you’re ruining your own chances. By giving up on love, you’re losing any shot of falling back into love. By closing off your heart, you’re only cutting of its oxygen, causing the blood to run dry.

You’re not protecting yourself, you’re only adding to the ruin.

It’s time to release yourself. Stop the destructive habits, and let love back in. Open your heart to new people and new opportunities. Light your fire, and let its warmth bring life back into your flesh. Dance to the sound of emotions; let the beat take over your entire being.

It’s time to forgive others for hurting you, but more importantly, forgive yourself. Forgive all the pain you’ve caused yourself. Forgive the world for not turning out the way you imagined. Forgive, and set your mistakes free.

Love is nothing to fear. Yes, there will always be a prospect of heartbreak and disappointment, but you must never let fear stand in your way. This fear is vicious and will leave with nothing but pain and regret. Rise above fear, and allow love to find you again.

Not everyone will hurt you. Not everyone will leave you.

So love like you’ve never been hurt before. Love like it’s your first time. Love without hesitation, without boundaries. Love with all your heart, and love your heart for all it has been through. Love others the way you’ve always wanted to be loved. Love yourself the way you deserve.

It’s time for you to find your happiness again. It’s time to let go of all the negative aspects of your past, and let go of all the negative people who live within the darkest corners of your mind. It’s time to move on to bigger and greater things.

Let go and move on. This is the only way you will truly set yourself free.

So remember this: you will love again.

Not all fires lead to combustion. You are not broken beyond fixing; you are merely a being stitched together of all the things that have tried to break you. You will trust again, but you find the strength to do so. Let people in; unchain the doors you’ve been keeping them locked behind. Never give up on love. You are stronger then bitterness and jadedness. Turn yourself back on. Warm your soul, and find your own beauty again.

Love will only find you once you are ready for it to be found. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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