May 2017 Be The Year of You


Thank goodness 2016 has come to an end. We can all agree it wasn’t anyone’s year. It was the year of hard times, disappointment, and heartbreak. It was the year we all expected too much from, and ended up with emptiness in our bones, and sadness within the creases of our hearts.

But I’ll tell you what, 2017 will be the year.

2017 will be your year.

It will be the year you finally find what makes your cells sing and the cage of your ribs burst open. It will be the year you find yourself in ways you never imagined possible. The year you follow your dreams, no matter where they lead you. It will be the time where you ultimately stand up for the things that make your heart beat and your soul scream.

2017 will be the year where it all begins to make a little more sense. It all starts to come together.

This year, you will reach your highest potential. It will be the year you never settle. Never give up. Never stand down. This year, you will see what truly matters in life. You will realize the sun falls to her knees and the moon glows just for you. Tides change and seasons alter all to show you how temporary everything in life is. You will realize how insignificant all your problems are, and understand the value of compassion. You will finally set yourself free from all the madness of your life.

2017 will be the year you find your strength. It will be the year you forgive your past and welcome the future. It will be the year you start to realize why certain people left, and how necessary their departures were. This year, you will come to peace with your demons, and dance with them under the bluest of skies. You will kiss them goodnight, and tell them how they no longer have a grasp over you.

This is your year, because it will all start to fall into place. All the messy pieces will fit together, creating a beautiful puzzle. A beautiful masterpiece. All the confusion will lead you on the path to peace and clarity.

This year, I hope you get the chance to see the world and fall in love. You will find someone who makes you see how stunning your being is. 2017 will be the year you find everything you’ve spent so much time searching for. It will be the year the stars align and tell your story within the darkness of the sky.

Because you see, 2017 will be the year you finally fall in love with yourself.

It will be the year you realize you warrant happiness and love. This year, you will see your greatness and never stand of thing less than what you deserve. You will fall for your flaws, realizing along the way, they are the best things about you. Because this year, you will realize you don’t need others to bring you happiness. All the joy you will never needs resides within you. It’s always been there, waiting for you. You will realize that home is not a specific place, but all the places that take your breath away. Family is not blood, but it’s the people who believe in you.

I hope this year bring you endless happiness and true love. I hope this year outshines all the others. I hope this year, you realize how loved you really are. I hope you realize how important you are. I hope this year is the best year yet. I hope you it’s everything you’ve ever wanted.

I hope it’s everything you’ve hoped for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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Kiana Azizian

Graduate of University of Oregon. Professional wandered and avid coffee drinker.

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