If You’re Looking For Your People, Read This


I want my life to be full of unimaginable people. I want my days filled with the type of people who make me see the beauty of the world.

I want the people who make me forget my heaviness, and lessen the load. I want to spend my time falling in love with unexpected people, the ones who want nothing but to better the world. The ones I don’t see coming. The ones I never imagined would come, and now that they have, I can’t imagine how I existed before them.

I want adventurous people, the ones who chase sunsets, and let the fire within them rage. I want people who don’t see the world the same as I do, the people who have the ability to make me question everything I always thought was true. I want late night conversations and early morning coffee dates.

I want to surround myself with the people who see the kindness in the world, the people with soft hearts, and forgiving souls.

I want the people who push me to become a better person. People who see my humanity, and forgive my selfishness.

I want to spend my days laughing with the people who embrace the irony of life. The ones who are amused with my clumsiness, and are not scared off by my awkwardness. I want the people who never judge, the kind of people who are open-minded and easygoing.

I want the people who stand up for what they believe in, no matter the consequences. I want people who risk everything for their dreams, and never stop until their goals become reality. People who wake in the morning with determination, and don’t let things to get in their way.

I want to fill my life with people who drink hot tea and read countless books. The type of people who appreciate the stillness of the world, and understand the value of silence. I want people who say what is on their mind. The ones who are not bothered by what others may think of them. I want the people who scream when they’re angry, and fall apart when they’re sad. The people who shine with happiness, and let joy fall from their lips.

I want the people who are comfortable in their own skin and embrace their flaws. I want the kind of people who are unapologetically themselves, the ones who laugh at their own jokes and the ones who don’t take life too seriously. I want people who are fluent in sarcasm, and speak in puns.

I want to be surrounded by the people who stand up every time they fall. Who fight like hell to survive, the ones who never give up in the face of tough times. I want to be with the people who see light even throughout the darkness, who appreciate the how the night sky allows the stars to shine.

I want the authentic kind of people in my life. I want people who are real.

The ones who don’t dress to impress others, and don’t care what they look like. I want to spend my time laughing with people who know how to make a fool of themselves.

These are the type of people I want in my life. These are they kinds of people I need in my life. Because you see, these are my type of people. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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