Maybe If We All Relaxed About Plans, We’d Have More Adventures

Max Williamson
Max Williamson

“Look, over there!” He exclaimed, while pointing out into the remote distance. “Do you see those rocks out there?”

Half squinting, I could barely see what he was referring too. A small pile of rocks appeared out from the vast sea of trees that stood before us. They seemed to be pebbles from that far of a distance.

“Could you imagine eating lunch out on those bad boys?” He asked before he bit into his cold, dry turkey sandwich.

We were sitting on a small, misplaced bench along one of the highly popular trails of the Blue Mountains in Australia. We sat quietly, tourist passing in front of us every few seconds, blocking our astounding view of the national park.

“Imagine the view we would have out there,” He added on.

You can probably tell where this story is going.

Later that night, we ventured back out to watch the sunset over the trees. We randomly started to chat with an Italian girl who was working at one of the hotels nearby. Within an hour of meeting her, it felt like we’d known her for ages. She invited us to go on a hike with her the next day. We were quick to take up her offer, eager to get out into the heart of the park.

She didn’t tell us much about the journey we would be partaking on, other than it was to a placed called “Ruined Castle.”

That next morning we set off to a place we never expected to end up. After our four-hour excursion, we ultimately reached our final destination. You can probably guess where we ended up.

On top of those rocks.

We couldn’t help by laugh of the irony of the situation. By chance, we had ended up in the exact place we had fantasized about the prior day.

We climbed to the highest rock, unwrapped ourselves some more turkey sandwiches, taking in the sight with each bit. Trying to wrap our head around how we even ended up there, while appreciating everything the view had to offer us.

The view was beyond breathtaking. Mind-blowing. By far of the more incredible moment of my entire travels.

But that is not the main point of this story.

The real take home message from this tale is that sometimes we end up in places that we never imagined possible.

Fate had led us to the exact place we wanted to be. The exact place we were meant to be. We let go and trusted the path of our journey. Allowing a complete stranger to take us on an adventure of a lifetime.

We never know what life has up it sleeves, or what it has planned out for us next. Sometimes we get so caught up in an image of a life we want for ourselves, we forget to enjoy the one actually occurring. We stress and worry about important issues, getting so caught up in the little, insignificant things. We forget to enjoy the here and the now, and to trust the real course of our journeys.

We need to relax, breathe, and have faith the direction of our lives.

Not everything is going to always go our way. That’s just a normal, factual aspect of life. Once we let go of the things we realize we can’t control, life becomes simpler. Life becomes more about the journey and less about the destination.

We always end up in the exact place we are meant to.

Life will happen according to its own will. Sometimes we might not be able to see why today or tomorrow, maybe not even months from now. But one day it will all make sense. We will be able to look back and be baffled by where we ended up, and more importantly, how we got there.

Sometimes we end up, on what appears to be the top of the world, surround by a deep ocean of trees, eating lunch with two of the greatest people; and that my friends, is what life is all about. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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