Be Patient, And Trust That You Will Love Again

Ieva Urenceva
Ieva Urenceva

Fear. That’s what it all comes down to.

We seem to live in fear of never finding love again, scared of being alone, frightened of feeling unwanted, and terrified of never meeting anyone who makes us feel the way that specific person once did.

This fear is crippling, unconsciously controlling and driving us back into the arms of toxic people. It causes us to get back together with our ex’s, while forcing us to get stuck in on-off relationships. Our fear is compelling us to cling on to people who we know must be let go of.

We’re all rightfully scared we will never find someone else to love, causing us to remain in unhealthy relationships. Also causing us to grip on to toxic people.

Our fear is justifiable. Truth is we will never meet anyone who gives us the same type of love a certain person once did. This shouldn’t be viewed as a negative notion though.

No two people are the same. Therefore, no two loves will ever be the exactly the same either.

Every person we meet in our lives is to serve us a particular purpose. They teach us what type of things we want, and more importantly, don’t want out of our relationships. Some people might bring out the best in us, helping developing our strengths. Others might bring out the worst in us, exposing our weaknesses.

No one will ever be able to replicate the experiences and memories once shared. This person might have made us feel in a way no other ever has before, creating this dreaded terror.

Yes, we may never find that same kind of emotion again, but it doesn’t mean we will never feel love itself again.

A person might come and show us the type of love we deserve, yet not be the one who can completely give it to us. Every person is brought into our lives for different reasons and certain lengths of time. We must accept people as they come, and respectfully release them as they leave.

As much as we like to hope, sometimes love is not enough. Sometimes life wins instead. We end up in situations we didn’t dream of, waking up to realize people we never wanted to lose are gone. Only then do we start understanding our relationship was possibly not as great as we once believed. We find ourselves hurt, jaded, and bitter, all dear friends of fear.

If a person leaves us, extensionally or circumstantially, we must let them go. It is important to keep reminding ourselves there is a greater purpose to their departure, a bigger unseen picture. We must not cling to things that are gone. We must not let fear triumph.

It is important to remember not to compare our lovers to one another. Each relationship must stand on its own. First we need to appreciate each person for what they were able to give us, and then forgive him or her for anything they were not able to.

We can live in this daunting fear of never feeling loved again, letting it control us until our ultimate demise. Or we can be open to the possibly of a new love, a better and more healthy type of love. It may come from a person we have yet to meet, or a person whom we haven’t yet to give a chance too.

We will love again, so let’s stop living in the fear we never will.

Let’s triumph and rise above this distress, and let go everything triggering us to hold on to this particular person or feeling. We should understand we might not ever feel that certain way again, which only allows the possibility of a greater type of passion.

Love is most beautiful emotions that exists. Fear is one of the worse. We mustn’t live in the constant fear of never loving again.

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