14 Reasons Why Single Girls Are Actually The Happiest To Be Around

The next time you start to feel sorry for the girl who is as single as it gets, remember that she is probably more content with her own life than you are. Truthfully, she’s probably the one who feels sorry for you.

In the words of the great Asher Roth, “Single doesn’t mean I’m looking for somebody.”


1. It’s just her and herself. No one else’s emotions and needs to deal with. She can do whatever her little heart desires. Does this make her selfish? Maybe a little, but she don’t even care.

2. She has more time and energy to invest on other relationships. Her family and friends come first. In no way does she feel lonely or unloved; she’s surrounded by loads of people who truly love her.

3. Traveling is on her agenda. She is free. Nothing is tying her down and is able to fly away at any point. Paris for the weekend? Don’t mind if she does.

4. She’s realized no one cares. No one even bothers to ask her about her relationship statues anymore, they already know the answer.

5. Independent and strong are the two words to describe her best. She’s navigated it this far on her own and doesn’t need anyone to help her stand in this world.

6. She is able to focus on taking care of herself. She’s not eating healthy and going to the gym to impress someone else. Her basic needs come first, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

7. She’s her own S/O. Netflix and chilling, with a glass of wine, by herself is a thing.

8. She’s not tied to her phone. Due to her complete lack of a ‘love life’, she is no longer sitting around waiting for guys to message her back. More often then not, it’s her mom who is calling.

9. Being single can help one’s bank account quite a lot. She is able to spend money on herself and doesn’t have to worry about spending money on silly things, such as anniversary gifts.

10. She knows what real happiness is. Cuddling is always fun, but a whole bottle of wine can also do the trick.

11. She’s not wasting time on tinder, bumble, and blind dates. She’s given the opportunity to spend her time doing what she enjoys the most, even if that does include binge-watching Netflix.

12. No more tears spend over guys who are mean. It’s been so long, she can’t even remember what it was like having her heart broken.

13. Now she has more time to focus on herself and her future. She doesn’t have to take anyone else into consideration. So she can always do what is best for her.

14. She is happy. Throughout the years, she has learned to not rely on others for her happiness. She is completely content being on her own. She is in love with her life and more importantly, herself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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