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This Is What New Love Feels Like

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Timo Stern

New love feels like sudden downpour on a sunny day; unexpected, needed and it cleans your heart after the damage your last lover caused to it.

New love means a new pair of hands to hold
, it means having new favorite songs to dance to, it means a different birth date to remember and kissing with your eyes open because they like it. It is fragile but it makes you strong.

New love makes you dance to Frank Sinatra
and makes you talk about the existence of a parallel universe at family dinners because they sit with you on rooftops at night and discuss everything that one could possibly think of.

It makes you put photo frames on your nightstand with pictures of them with you in it; them kissing you on the cheek in one, you looking at them in another.

You don’t feel afraid anymore. They make you believe in a naive kind of forever that makes your heart beat fast.

New love sleeps on your lap and talks about your eyes in a voice you’ve never heard before.
They love you with different mistakes and stranger habits. New love whispers unheard secrets in your ear and buys you sunflowers instead of roses and has a bulldog called “Marshall”.

New love drives fast and sings christmas songs on lazy August mornings
and brushes their teeth faster than you do and the way they like telling you trivial facts about Brad Pitt because they know you fangirl over him and also how they sleep on the left side of the bed and make bad omelettes that you eat with a smile on your face.

New love drives you insane
but you find yourself chasing them if they ever walk out of the door and you look at them when they’re fast asleep and you find yourself falling in love at the sight of them bringing you cake when you wake up on your birthday and you see the love in photographs of them with you and you sense it in the quiet conversations under the soft yellow light of the lamp posts and its a beautiful feeling because you hear it in the way they call out to you and in the silence that leaves you both grasping for air.

And also, in that one genius way they taught you about how to tie your laces but you don’t really care much about it because this new love leaves you knotted everyday. TC mark

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