It Reminded Me Of You

Jazmin Quaynor

It was raining,
5:00 am,
Sitting on the roof
Drenched in the rain
Listening to indie pop
And wondering about the existence of the universe;

And the sky was purple
I was drowning in its beauty
And the street was asleep
Lights were off
In every damn room
And I thought of the time
When I began falling in love
Without wondering why
Or how
How home became a human
And not a four walled structure
With shelves full of photo frames
And thick books I wouldn’t read

And before I even knew
Unveiling in front of my eyes
The moon slowly hid
Beneath the arms of the sun,

And I saw dawn and dusk kiss
And to tell you the truth,
It was beautiful

And god damn it,
It reminded me of you. TC mark


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