You Are My Perfect Excuse

There you are,
Standing across me,
In this noisy and stuffed room,

I look at you,
You’re talking to a few people,
And I look at the way you speak,
The little smile on your face;
And the way you use your hands.

They’re playing Vance Joy,
And I feel your head turn towards me,
So I turn to look to the other side,
But there is a flame that burns in my heart for you;
And that keeps me warm when I feel alone in this cold and bitter world.

I reminisce how we fell in love,
You stepped out of that small library near your house,
And I walked into it,
One look, two lives changed.

But here,
I feel your eyes on me,
But I am afraid to look back,
Because my eyes might say;
What I never could have had.

The music is getting louder swiftly,
And our song plays in the room,
I turn to look at you;
And you’re already looking at me.

So I smile from the opposite side of the room,
And you walk towards me,
Hold me by the waist and say,
“Can I have the dance, please?”
I nod and we head to the centre,
And you engulf me in your arms;
As we get lost in the moment

Later, you come to drop me home,
And I kiss you goodnight,
And you ask me if I could set my heart free again;
I laugh and say,
“I don’t know”

But I wish you knew the truth,
That I’ve always wanted to fall in love again,
And you, you are the perfect excuse. TC mark


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