It’s Time For Me To Begin Again

When you called last night,
We picked up from where we had left off,
Like nothing was wrong.

I pretended to have never cried over you,
I laughed as if I had not lost sleep over you,
And you, you sounded nothing close to guilty;
Amusement stuck to your voice like glue,
And my mind was spinning, as I began to understand;
What you were truly like.

There was a time when we were inseparable,
Like we were two halves of a same heart,
We ached when we weren’t together.

But last night,
When you called;
You seemed distant,
You seem in reach but far away.

You know, there have been times when I have missed you;
But I missed you the most yesterday,
As we spoke over the phone for an hour,
Laughing over a joke we had once read;
And I guess this is how change works.

You and I, we rebuild the walls we once broke down for each other;
You drift into dark skies and fields of silence;
And I try to search for you with words, As though they are search lights;
But I can’t seem to get to you;
And that hurts.

So I end the conversation,
Saying that I have places to be,
You coyly say goodbye;
And your tone is killing me,
But I still hold back my storm of sadness until you cut the call,
And then, I drown in endless assumptions and possibilities;
With no one to help me find a way out

I guess it was my fault to think you were different,
My fault to love you like I would never lose you

I guess I’m to blame,
But it’s time I pick up the broken pieces of my heart,
It’s time to embrace change,
It’s time I become brave,
It’s time I begin again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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